hi, my name is Hanny.. and I LOVEEE SMOKEY EYES.. 

my blog url : thestoryofbipolarcoffeejunkie.. 

based on true story, i got bipolar and i'm addicted to coffee.. it's been a part of my life and i cannot live without 'em..

i've been blogging since high school and i talked almost about everything.. from lifestyle, makeup, relationship, psychological, health, etc.. and coz the blog became much too crowded, i decided to make a new one.. and as time goes by, finally i found my true passion.. that's BEAUTY..

for me BEAUTY is important, inside and out.. but here, people judges you from your look first, then your kindness heart.. well, truths HURT!! that's why it's important to take care about yourself to make the best first impression as you can get.. based on my experience in life.. :')

i made this blog only for one purpose, to share with you all you need to made you feel better about yourself.. makeups, skin care, etc.. it doesn't have to be expensive.. just NEVER give up to find the best products that suits you best!! ^_^

i love to write and tell stories, so hope this blog help you and i'll try my best to make it more and more interesting and fun to read.. and informational as well..

LOVE YOU ALL and especially LOVE YOURSELF.. you'll never gonna be able to please everyone, so PLEASE YOURSELF FIRST..



  1. Hai hanny, aku putri dari majalah cleo..bole minta emailnya?
    di tunggu =D
    thank you
    Putri G

  2. hai putri.. email ak hanny.only@gmail.com .. :)