March 06, 2018

BIG BAD WOLF JAKARTA 2017 experience


Reading books is really me and my husband fave thing for sure since gazillion years, even before we got married. Now, we have a son that seem to be having the same positive habit and we love to encourage it every step of the way.

We came across Big Bad Wolf Jakarta (BBW) event by accident two years ago. We came there over a tremendous hype, but because of the crowd we decided to came at 3 am when we heard they gonna have their 24 hours operation on the weekend. And yay, it was indeed less crowded and more VIP vibes. Love it.

On the second year, we weren't wanna missed another chance of having good quality books for us in reasonable price for sure. So when BBW offered me the VIP pass for preview sale, of course i said YES, big time!

Me & my son, Vaclav

Experience we had at both of the BBW events were unforgettable. The huge ICE BSD were jam packed with books from all types and genres. You definitely have to have your stomach full properly before you went there, well, because i have gastritis and as a genuine book worm, i could browse for hours then forgot completely about meal time. But no worries, they have food area for my poor tummy, lol. Oh, and don't forget comfy shoes or slippers.

Any Nigella fans?? MEEEE!!!!

My boys, fellow book worms

Well the area's too big and we didn't bring stroller, sigh! He had fun though.

Fruit snacks, the perks of being a mom lol!

The preview sale was held at the first day, and it was hectic. The shopping area wasn't full, i mean you could browse books in total comfort haha. But the cashier, oh dear Lord! I remembered there were a lot of cashier registers that all full with shoppers who bought minimum one trolley packed with books. At the end i spent almost five hours queuing. Well i didn't mind, they have technical problems. Nothing you can do about that.

Our shopping trolley

Our haul yay!

I just wish this year BBW have strict policy about JASTIP who held all the good books. We are all have rights, you know. Please be fair. Last year i have to pay idr 15.000 for each book in the ICE BSD arena just because my son want it so bad and this JASTIP lady held on about 5 copies of them and refuses to give to me without paying. Talk about bullying here. Sigh!

Second visit to 2017 BBW
3 am

After recovering our feet, body and soul from the preview sale madness, we came again. Lol! From just browsing, well, we get another trolley. Daym! Such a pleasure.

Another trolley, burn that wallet, baby! 

Second Haul, yaaasss!

Moving on, aside from the negative, we really love tp go back to BBW event again this year for sure. We love books so much, it broadened our thoughts, brings peace to our soul and so on. So i hope we could have the Preview Sale pass this year, yihaaa!!! Love ya BBW!

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