December 07, 2016

Nivea Blogger Gathering

Dear readers.

Last Saturday i attended this beautiful event fom Female Daily and Nivea. Not just chit chattin', but also workshop on how to make a beautiful scrapbook pop up. It was a blast. I love crafting.

Today' s theme is PS : I Love Mama. To celebrate Indonesia's Mother's Day on December 22nd, Nivea released their limited edition package.

Nivea Creme Mother's Day Package

There were also mrs. Vera, a child psychologist, who gave us some insights about motherhood. How mother play a huge roles on a child's life, mentally and emotionally. Confidence, happiness, trust, stress release and so much more, depends on how a mother taking care of their child, especially their loving touches. That was deep, i just hope i could be that kinda mom for my boy. ^^

Ok, now back to our workshop. We were given some materials and tools to made our own scrapbook pop up.

Soon, there were silence. We were to busy cutting, gluing and made designs. So much fun.

Santa's Elf, working hard

Tadaa! My end result. I didn't brought any pictures of me and my mom, so they gave me the "fake" one that i could change easily at home. Very thoughtful.

Our cute hampers

Nivea Mother's Day Special Edition

Nivea Mother's Day Special Edition

As you can see, you could get two Nivea Cremes plus a scrapbooking kit for some special DIY for your mother. Will finish that with my son (hope he won't wreck it).

Source : @femaledaily

Thanks so much for visiting and don't forget to tell your momma, daddy and loved ones how you love them. LOVE YOU MOM, DAD, ALL!!! Smoohes.


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  1. What an inspiring activity to do. I wish Nivea could do the same thing when having such program in my town. Anyway, I think making scrapbook can be a very effective way to enhance child's creativity too. plus, it can improve mother-kids bonding hehehe. Great sharing anw.