August 13, 2016

La Tulipe Gel : My Recent Day Skin Care

Dear readers

Long time no see,

Today i present you my most recent skin care for day time. I never quiet excited as now on since finally i can present to you the empties (yes, sista, i never emptied any skin care product). Some products did well at the beginning but halfway through the end, it breaking the hell out of my face. Sucks! So basically i never had an HG products till this very moment. There you go...

La Tulipe Sunscreen Gel SPF 17

La Tulipe Moisturizer Gel

I came across this twos long longgg time ago. By all means, junior high, when my face was oily and pimples were, sigh, no need to tell. My mother gave me this moisturizer, and it didn't do any justice to my skin. It became more oily than before and the pimples, well, i've had my dark moments.

Now as i grew (older), my skin still oily as hell, but it became dull. It'd look dry up close but the oil is such a lot to handle. Tried this and that, even goes for hydrating this and that, but never worked. Then, when i was looking for a lip matte (from this particular brand), i saw them and thought why not to give it a shot, the price won't break my heart if it failed anyway. Haha. And it does work. My skin is improving but still matte at the same time.

La Tulipe Moisturizer Gel Swatch

La Tulipe Moisturizer Gel Ingredients

This one is totally different than any other so called gel or water based moisturizer. Feel so fresh and absorbed immediately into my skin. I use two layers on each use, leave about 2 minutes in each apply, then top it off with the sunscreen. Feel nice on my skin. Yaasss!

La Tulipe Sunscreen Gel Swatch

I have a love-hate relationship with any sun protection products. In one hand, i need my skin to be protected from UV harm, but on the other hand i hate the stickiness. Some products i do like and not sticky, but this one is THE MOST NON STICKY SUNSCREEN EVERRR!!!! Sorry for the caps, i just too excited for this. It's just like match made in heaven with the moisturizer gel. Gosh, they are so good! My skin's saver.

La Tulipe Sunscreen Ingredients


Moisturizer Gel (60 grams) : IDR 42.000

Sunscreen Gel (25 grams) : IDR 26.000

Okay, that's for now. I hope this post is useful for all of you who has the same skin problem and love-hate relationships with gel products. Those products are local, made in indonesia and very affordable. Give it a shot and let me know what you think.



  1. Samaaan mbak, aku juga pakai La Tulipe Gel.. menurutku dia memang lebih enak sebagai sunscren, cocok karena ga berat di kulit hihihi :3

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