April 21, 2016

PAC Face Painting Quick Review

Dear readers.

As you may tell right now, i am a fan of local products. Aside from it's affordable price, buying local means you support our own (country) economy and then leads to prosper and so on and so on. Some are good, some are to die for, but surely some are awful.

PAC Face Painting

PAC Face Painting
Look at the colors, tempting, isn't it?!?!

Today i'll be talking about PAC Face Painting. Beeing on my wishlist for quiet a bit, now i finally get my hands dirty with these babies and here's the pros.

1. The color options are huge.

There are 12 colors of choice. With basic color and also shimmers like silver ad gold. You could mix colors to achieve any colors you've wanted.

2. Texture and Color Payoffs are great.

Nice, creamy and blended nicely. You can mix easily with the palette and new color will mixed in no time.

3. Many Usage (as the Beauty Assistant told me).

As face paint, for cream blush, eyeshadow base, eye liner, lip colors, you name it. Wow!

And the CONS!

Sigh! My disappointment. The staying power SUCKS!

Few moments ago i pay my friend a visit and she taught me a thing or twos about special effect makeup. We use these face paints along with liquid latex, fake blood and all, excitedly. And the results were astounding. Love it, as you can see on pics below.

Open Wound - Special Effect Makeup

Bruise - Special Effect Makeup

So what's the VERDICT?!
Just see it yourself.

The colors are great but the product never settling in.
It is all over the place

Even on my friend's shirt

I've waited a good half hour for this to set, but it never set. I thought this product would be like any great gel liners or brow pomades that has creamy consistency at first but after a while will set and get all waterproof-y. This is nothing like that.

These are simply has the same consistency as creamy eyeshadows or lip colors. If you don't set it with powder products it'll move and transfer all over the place. And no dear, it is not waterproof. So if you have a performance and decided to use this with all lights and all, it will melts in minutes (not if you make sure you don't get sweat, avoid rubbing nor accidentally hit other people).

Sigh! I expected more than this. PAC has so many great products. But unfortunately, this one has failed to achieve the "Face Paint" title. I will call this a nice eyeshadow base. Sorry!

That's it for now, pretties. Hope you find this post useful. Let's meet again soon and smooches!!


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