April 25, 2016

Althea Indonesia Pink Parcel UNBOXING

Dear beauties and handsomes!! ^^

So excited coz finally my pink parcel arrived!!! Yay..

Althea Pink Parcel

Aww isn't that fun. At the weekend, when you just meant to indulge yourself, then your piece of package that you've been waiting for comin'. Just the best feeling ever.

Inside my Althea Pink Parcel

Like a treasure for any girls. Don't you just wish? Haha. Below is my purchase info along with the price.

My Purchase

Well, you can tell how affordable all of those stuff are. With all discounts and bonuses, you could gain even more with less less money. Yum! Oh yeah, this box sent all the way from Korea, so took about 10 days for me waiting, tryin' not to bite my nails coz i hate waiting. But for these prices, oh, i will.

Tony Moly Black Gel Liner

Black Block Soap Set

Witch's Pouch Selfie Fix Pigments

Witch's Pouch Easy Drawing Gel Eyebrow

Tony Moly Perfect Eyes Coating Liner

Click HERE to check out their web!

Do not affraid of purchasing products from this web. Since they have great CS team that will respond to all of your questions and trouble so fast. I just very very pleased.

Ok guys, that's it for now. Hope you find this post useful. I will do review on each on my products purchased, for sure! Stay safe and be happy.