March 03, 2016

Nestlé LACTOGROW Happy Date with Legendaddy Happy Winter Land

More like a snow storm?

Hi guys.

Last Saturday i attended this event held by Nestlé Lactogrow. It was so much fun and for this event, i could bring Clav too hence the theme. Ok, so, Nestlé made this survey before about family happiness degree in conjunction with the relation between parents and kids. The result is, only 53% of respondents that are happy with their family in terms of have a good relationship with each family members.

Based on this result, Nestlé did more studies (focus group discussions) with moms, and their answers to family happiness is the pattern of child care system, like eating pattern that leads to full health that ensures (definitely) family happiness. Healthy kids means happy face, no cranky, no fighting and less tantrums (in my-and probably other moms' opinion). The other thing that matter is the balanced relationship between kids and parents. Not just because daddy is working and mom is at home, that means the kids will be closer to mom and vice versa. I'm totally agree to that. Balance is the key in family happiness.

Back to the health matter. Don't you know that digestive system is one of the main key of our child's health? It contains the biggest immune organ in our body. So it is very important to keep our digestive system in prime condition to maxed it's function to absorbed nutrients from the food that will lead to healthy body, support child's growth, brain development and active lifestyle.

Nestlé created this fun event with lots of play areas like snow park, petting zoo, art and craft and photo booth. We surely had lots of fun there, especially Clav who's very curious. He just run here and there and enjoyed every moments. That's what this event is meant for, to support family bonding time by playing together, have a wonderful-quality time but also educate families about the importance of digestive health as well.

Clav's legendaddy

Fun fun fun!

Petting zoo

Photo booth

Have you went to the Happy Winter Land snow park at Kota Kasablanka yet? If not, you better hurry, coz the event ends on March 6 2015.


Lactogrow 3 ingredients

Lactogrow 4 ingredients

Nestlé got MURI (Museum Rekor Indonesia) award for the biggest snow playground inside the shopping centre/mall

Ok, that's all for now. Remember to give your kid more attention and love. Spend more time and play together is more important than any toys you buy. Thanks Nestlé for the invitation. See you again on the next event.



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