February 25, 2016

Sariayu Color Trend 2016 Krakatau Launch

Dear gorgeous people!

Last week i was invited by Female Daily to join the launch of Sariayu Color Trend 2016 - Inspirasi Krakatau. I was excited (and still am, actually) since i've been followed Sariayu Color Trends for years. Now after 30 years of work, they come up with yet another marvelous creation of makeup to beautify Indonesia.

Event Nuance

Lizzie Parra and Harumi sharing their makeup experience

Sariayu collaboration with Opi Bachtiar
Spot the Kain Tapis on the fab outfits?!

This year's theme, Krakatau, was inspired by the power of the mountain itself. It's located in Sundanese straits and erupted in 1883. It's mega power collapsed almost the whole areas surround. Released hot humid clouds and fogs. It also intrigued two 40 M tsunamis and changed the global climate. This incident left Indonesia in the dark for two days straight. The power of nature, such a enormous thing, don't mess with it.

Source : Google

Source : Google

Not far from Krakatau area there is this Lampung community that still live strongly with their traditional heritage. They produced this wonderful fabric called Kain Tapis. With gold and silver threads that embroidered in combination to make flora or fauna pattern, this Kain sure is one glamour piece of art. The grandiose, beauty and richness of Krakatau and Kain Tapis inspired Sariayu for the 2016 color trend.

Kain Tapis Lampung
Source : Google

Kain Tapis Lampung
Source : Google

These are products from Krakatau Range,

1. Eyeshadow

Krakatau Eyeshadow

Krakatau Eyeshadow
Left K-01
Right K-02

Krakatau Eyeshadow Packaging

Krakatau Eyeshadow K-01

Krakatau Eyeshadow Swatch

Since i don't have the K-02, there's no swatch on that one. Will update soon, ok! The texture of this eyeshadow is quiet dry (powdery), so it's big no no to wear alone without eyeshadow base. It will fly all over the place.

Price : IDR 88.000

2. Eyeshadow Kit

Krakatau Eyeshadow Kit

Krakatau Eyeshadow Kit
Natural Light

Krakatau Eyeshadow Kit

This eyeshadow kit comes with neutral colors that is suitable for natural daily look or even bold makeup. It's very useful and has different texture than the eyeshadow trio above. This one is less powdery and bit more pigmented, but eyeshadow base is still needed to enhance the pigmentation.

Price : 165.000

3. Duo Lip Color

Krakatau Duo Lip Color
Left Row : K01-K06
Right Row : K07-K12

[Thanks feegy!]

I think the star of this year's color trend are the Duo Lip Colors. The texture, staying power and pigmentation are AMAZING! Nothing like what i would've accepted. Contains matte and glossy colors all in one package. Comes in 12 colors for you to choose. Yipeee!

Krakatau Duo Lip Color Drinking Test

Krakatau Duo Lip Color Drink Test Result
See, clean as a whistle!

Price : IDR 99.000

Here's a makeup look using
Krakatau Eyeshadow K-01
Krakatau Duo Lip Color K-02 (matte)

Event Wefie, yay!

Thanks again Female Daily for the invitation. It was such a blast and i had a chance to experience the whole product range (minus one) haha. So, see you on the next event.


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