November 26, 2015

Parasol Sunblock SPF 33 Review

Hi y'all...

After long pause of extreme momma mode, now i'm back with a little review + empties + re-purchase item. Complete, right?! Here you go....

Parasol Face Sunblock Cream SPF 33

This is actually my fourth product. Yes, i do love it that much. Just because it's fragrance free and gave me enough protection on the hot day without too much sticky-ness. I used to love skin aqua because of their "save" ingredients. But it quiet runny and could mess with my oily skin situation, though i was using the gel one. Parasol sticks very well, absorbed into skin very nicely and the slight light-brown color could be use as color corrector as well. No worries, it will blend into nothing but great radiance to your skin.

Not too thick consistency. Just right for my oily-combination skin.

The color will blend to be nothing. This is not a foundation though.

My skin slightly brighter and healthier haha.

I use this everyday even though i'm indoors. Simply because i tend to leave my window open and let bright bright sun comes in, it reduce my electrical bills but also harm my skin with the uv situation and all. I also give this to my son. This is a quiet gentle product, has aloe extract on it. Super!

Parasol Face Sunblock Cream SPF 33

I also use it as base makeup. And it never make my makeup move or melts or anything. Just make sure you wait 5-10 minutes after application then blot the excess oil before then applying foundation. And don't forget to set your makeup, guys!

The price is around IDR 35-40K. You could find it in some supermarkets or apothecary near you. If you want, they also come in clear ones too. I prefer the colored one for the color correction sake.

Take care of your skin from sun damage, ok. Sharing is caring. Click here for Sun Damage 101 post. Educate yourself.

See ya!!! 


  1. Parasol ternyata oke yak buat oily skin gw tau sih cm ga pernah purchase krn bentuknya ky salep hahaha, iya bener skin aqua itu light tp runny, kpn2 cbin parasol ah
    Thanks racunnya ya han hahaha

    1. Iyaa sama2 hihi :) bgs kok ini selama blot dulu sblm pk makeup.. Skin aqua bnr2 cair bgt soalnya jd bgtu di blot, brasa ilang smua..

  2. Sounds really great.. I never heard about this product.. :)

    1. ^^ ini biasa resep dermatologist gitu buat sunblock..

    2. ^^ ini biasa resep dermatologist gitu buat sunblock..