October 29, 2015


Kumalasari Tanara
Famous Indonesian SFX Makeup Artist

Dear readers..  During this Halloween season, sfx makeup is a go to for a fabulous looks. Many youtube gurus created so many tutorials varied from ones with professional equipment and those with creative hearts and uses affordable DIY materials. I am honestly never do any sfx makeup, simply because i think it's outta my league and too messy. But i loooveeeee movies, especially fantasy ones like Hobbits, Lord Of The Rings, Harry Potter and many more. What would that films be without any sfx make up?! Would legolas still looked hot without his pointy ears, haha. That's why, when PAC invited me to this SFX in movie making workshop, i was ecstatic and said YES!!  

Some of her work

Spooky isn't it??

For such a (very) pretty girl, she is "bloody" good!!

Looks sooo daym real, right??
Just kidding, this is feegy.. Lol..

I went there with my friend, Feegy from museswonderland and she is an sfx junkie. So alongside with the workshop, i also got a thing or two tips (and tricks) to do a proper sfx makeup (at home). In movie making, they uses so many ingredients, from latex, silicone, even gelatine. All of those materials has their pros and cons, it all depends on the situation on set, weather, timing, and so on and so on. I felt so lucky being there, because i got so many knowledge. Ahh, what a joy!!  

This is her "walking dead" zombie creation. She did this at 6am that morning. And o ma gah, it's looked sooo real and spooky.

What she did to her own brother....

She was using the PAC Face painting as finishing touches to add more color effect and depth into the face. Slight red underneath the eye for an "exhausted" effect, slight green for extra dead-pale-ness and blue plus purple for bruises. Don't forget to set with setting powder each time you uses the face paints, since it's creamy and (unfortunately) will melt down or move if you don't set 'em.

Thank you feegy for sharing your pics..

The event was fun, opened a new point of view for me. Thanks a lot PAC Cosmetics for inviting me. Hope to see you guys soon in another fun fare.   



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  1. kereen iih, pengen ikutan workshop kaya gini

    1. Next time ikutan yaaa.. Nambah ilmu bgttt.. :)

  2. Buka klass di Manado yach...

  3. wew, kok serem2 amat ya makeupnya.. tp hasilnya kyk asli.. keren2.. :)

  4. Tukang Make Up Udah jago banget ya @.@
    Temen saya juga ada yang bisa make up model gitu, biasa buat cosplay an hehe :D namanya Yuliana Eka