October 07, 2015

Lancome Blanc Expert Cushion Compact

Hi, dear readers.

Last Saturday i was invited by Lancome Indonesia to attend their Blanc Expert Compact launch event. Yay! Since i am a huge fan on their Blanc Expert foundation (the full coverage but light feeling), the cushion form truly intrigued me in sooo many level. I'm just gonna be quick about the event coz i wanna show you the great staying power of this stuff.

The event started with some introduction, chit chat with ms. Stephanie (Product Manager) and Patricia (MUA) plus one of the Lancome's brand ambassador, Alexandra Asma Soebrata. She's so pretty and hot in person. LOL!

Ok, so, Lancome explained that this product is great for it's weightless formula, build-able (coverage) and make your skin feel hydrated. It does not have flat-matte finish that certainly not very flattering for women my age (30-ish). Also this is suitable for any skin type.

Try try try...
Test test test....


Source : www.lancome.com.sg

I've tried it myself  (oily-combination skin), and it worked like a wonder. At some time, my skin would get oily on T-Zone area, especially around my nostrils. But if i stay calm in cool air-conditioned room, the foundation will stay put, just need little blotting here and there. It's not sweat-proof though. I will share the result later on. But the smooth silky as serum feeling as mentioned above, is SOOO TRUEEE!!! it feels so light yet give me enough coverage to covers my redness, pores etc. Thumbs up for that.


Ingredients List

Got perfume in it, so beware if you got very sensitive skin.

Now i'm gonna show you the result on my skin.

Bare faced


It brightens up my face instantly, make it luminous and glowing. I did not add any highlighter on it.

Product Used :

1. Blanc Expert Cushion in P-02
2. Teint Miracle Loose Powder (this one is to die for!!)
3. Blush Subtil (i forgot which shade since i mixed few colours)

L'Absolu Velour in 493
(i loveee this matte finish lip color, so pigmented. Bit like Transylvania but more plummy, ohhh!!! And you can build the color too. Need further review of the velours??? Let me know...)

Ok here's me, 6 hours later.

As you can see on pic above, me, finally arrived home, then cooked some pancakes for my son on my very hot hot kitchen. Yes, sir, i also did a heat-sweat test. My skin got oiled up esp aroud my nostrils where the foundation starts moving (no blotting for the last 4 hours and no re-applying the velour, since i don't have one, haha). 

For severe oily skin like me, this is an amazing product. Just like the liquid foundation, this cushion compact also gives me the same satisfaction. But now, instead of bringing glass bottle anywhere, i only have to brought the compact one. Yippeee!

Back to the event report, guys!! Here's some fun pics...

Lancome Indonesia special cushion compacts' case.
With three themes designed by Ayang Cempaka to pick according to your personality.
1. La vie est belle
2. Mademoiselle
3. Bonjour

My Mademoiselle, in the making.

Uh lala!!

With the "sadar kamera" host,
we love her instantly..

And some wefies

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