September 20, 2015

Redwin Sorbolene Moisturiser Review

Redwin Sorbolene - My next skin care DO!

Redwin Sorbolene Moisturiser 75ml

When it comes to beauty, the underlying base it's what makes it all work. Good base means happy ending. Not just face, our whole body need extra care as well. Some people are just very care-less when it comes to body care, they are just simply pick their body care based on the scent it gives. Well, babes (and dudes), please enriched yourself because those scents just only do your skin harm. Most of it just irritants, ready to knock your skin down. And watch out for alcohol in those ingredients list too, it just only make your skin even dryer. So, read the ingredients' list. If alcohol is mentioned on the second or third row, it means your product is mainly filled with this thing. Whattt?!?!

Most causes of dry skin problems (that i'm aware of) :

1. Winter / Cold Weather.

Or in our case, cold-air conditioned room. This thing absorb moisture from our skin and leave it, well, dry. You can test it by put a bucket of water on your room tonight, and when you wake up in the morning, the water's volume should reduce by almost half. Scary right? 

2. Hot Shower.

Just like cold, heat also drain skin's natural moisture. So be wise with the heat, shall we. It's better to use luke warm water or just use water that has the same temperature with our body . And don't forget to towel dry your body after, but leave it damp and immediately put your moisturiser. It will locked up the moisture you got from bath water and prevent it from escaping your body. Good tips!

3. Most bar soaps.

Use mild ones that are made for dry skin. Some anti bacterial soaps are quiet harsh and could extremely dried your skin.

4. Irritants.

Most body care contains this things. Just pick products that are fragrance and dye-free, shall we!!!

5. Alcohol.

Gosh!!! No no no no...

6. Health issue.

Allergies, dermatitis etc. With this conditions, your skin tends to be more sensitive. So be very careful. Wrong products could lead to more damage.

7. Aging.

Sobbed! Tragedy. Couldn't turn back time, though. But make it fab with proper care.

I got Redwin Sorbolene moisturiser few weeks ago to be tested on. So excited to try it simply because sorbolene is a very hype emolient thingy in Australia. Very natural with no coloring, scents and parabens. It's also safe for new borns. And trust me, people, i am a huge fan of product with non-crap ingredients. They just made me relieved in so many different levels. Anyway, this products enriched with vitamin E from wheat germ oil that works as antioxidant to fight free-radical agents from pollution and prevent signs of early aging caused by it plus 10% plant derived glycerin that claimed could fight skin dry-ness.

Ok, back to body skin. My issue here is, i have a very dry body skin. Moisturising immediately after bath is a must for me, because when i missed one, it just become dryer, more flaky and even get itchy. Yes, i'm that sensitive. So, alcohol and irritants are big no no for me, it's just make things even worse. 

First impression of Redwin Sorbolene is the texture that's actually quiet runny. I remembered my friend from Australia told me that this is her HG moisturiser, even in cold winter day. Well, i was afraid it would be thick and sticky as hell in hot humid weather here. But after i tried on, it's actually not. You need a little rub, and after a minute or so the product is actually sink in and your skin feels instantly hydrated. Big WOW! For those who spend most days in air conditioned room, you will need this one. 

Redwin Sorbolene runny consistency

I even use it for my son. He had history of atopic dermatitis as baby so his skin are quiet sensitive and tends to get allergies in the future. To avoid future rash or any other sensitivities i have to be very very selective towards which baby products i use. Most baby products available locally here in Indonesia are jam packed with alcohols and other irritants especially perfumes, sigh! For your loved ones, please please mom and dad, check check and check ingredients list before buying. Trust me, you don't want to harm those delicate yummy skin, rite?!

Redwin Sorbolene Ingredients

On the ingredients' list you might noticed that there's Cetearyl Alcohol. As i mention above, we should be scared of alcohol, right? But, despite of this one's mentioned on 6th (or 7th) row, cetearyl alcohol is used as emollients and thickeners in skin care products. It's a part of fatty alcohol which are not irritating and, in fact, can be beneficial for dry skin (source : Paula's Choice). 

Redwin Sorbolene Moisturiser comes in two sizes : 
100g (IDR 75,000) 
500mL (IDR 165,000).

How to use :
First of all you apply small amount on your skin and wait for it to absorb completely, then you reapply right after. This ensures that the first layer sink inside your skin and the second layer seals it up.

With Redwin Sorbolene : “Nothing but goodness for sensitive skin”. I'm actually buying it and very glad they're finally here, locally, so we could get our hands on very easily. Thanks again for the opportunity. I hope this post is useful and could broaden your horizon.

What's your favorite non-crap moisturiser??


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PS : hopefully in the future there will more and more non-harmful ingredients products for our health that are also affordable and could easily found in many areas in Indonesia, so anyone could enjoy the benefits and get educated as well. 


  1. Really nice post.. I never checked the ingredients in my skin care. I think alcohol only used in toner.. Thx for the information.. :)

    1. You are very welcome.. Thanks for visiting.. please do share so everybody could be aware too.. :)