June 24, 2015

[Lembaran Baru] : Unveils The Excellence in Me with LOréal Paris Excellence [Part One]

Lembaran baru a.k.a new chapter in bahasa. Hmm, when i hear about those words, it actually pretty much represent myself in the past two years. From being a new mom (that's huge) and moving to a new house etc. Most of it are quiet challenging, but when i give it a good thought, it was more of a sequence of blessings than a challenge. I'm just not being a thankful person enough.

Ok nuff chit chat. Well i'm thinking to do a makeover. Since pregnancy, i haven't really cut my hair. So for quiet a while it's long, un interesting, boring and not looking good. Few moments ago i decided to chop it off. But after that, i kinda wanna push the make over a little more further. Hmmm, what should i do then? In make up, i think i could manage my own make over, haha. But what about if i dye my hair? I have quiet thick hair with slightly black color. And it's been years since the last time i dyed 'em. I want to be dramatic but no too much though, my guts aren't there yet (will let you know if later on i tried blue or purple, lol!)

So then i decided to give this one a go.

LOréal Paris Excellence Fashion in 6.35 Intense Copper Brown..

What do you think? 
Not too dramatic but quiet sexy tone i think. Brown-reddish color. Uhh la la.

Inside the package

1. Protective pre-colour serum

2. Protective creme colorant

3. Creme developer

4. Protective conditioner

And a pair of gloves, of course.

Cannot wait to try it out. And i picked the LOréal Excellence Fashion because of it claims to gave more shine, got very pigmented result and covers grey hair greatly. Hmm will let you know the result in the next post.

Excellence Fashion is Infused with Hi-Shine Complex for spectacular brilliance and sparkling visible color. 
Hi-Intensity Pigments gives long-lasting, rich and intense color, while its triple-Care Formula protects, strengthens & nourishes hair while coloring. - source 

Oh yeah and please before you decided to color your hair, please make sure it fits your skin tone. Just like makeup, choosing the wrong color could end up disastrous. So, there are three types of skin tones.

Source : 

1. Warm Tone.

People with yellowish undertone. If you check out your veins, it should be greenish. This type of skin tone goes well with reds, golden blondes or something like that. Do not mix yellow with yellow though. ;)

2. Cool Tone.

This one has a pink undertone and become slightly darker or just turns red under the sun. The veins are bluish colored. This type of skin tone goes well with darker or deep colors like black, deep red or browns.

3. Neutrals.

Best of both worlds. This one can rock any type of color. So jealous.

Ok so from my research, i think i have warm tone skin. Cannot wait to see the result and share it to you guys. So, see ya i the next post..

And for you guys, L'Oréal Paris Indonesia invited all of you to join this blog contest to win these awesome prizes :

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