May 26, 2015

[ Review ] The New Garnier Light Complete White Speed!!

Hi dolls..

After couple of weeks trying, now it is time for review. Well, actually i'm not using all products for two whole weeks, my husband does and he still use it till this very day. Tell you why in a second. So today's review will be a mixed experience between me and my hubby.

The first product that i've tried and loves since day one is the Garnier Light Complete White Speed Scrub. The texture of the scrub is just right for my rough skin. It gave immediate result as promised. I would suggest doing it once a week or twice if you have dry-mature skin, since scrubbing too much is not wise as well.

After usage.
I feel immediate shine and it cleans out dead skin cells like whoaaa!! Super satisfying. Leaves my skin so smooth and supple too.

Now about other products, i've tried them all for three days, then i started breaking out. Maybe my skin cannot stand the lemony essence that's contained on each creams and serum. While it's good for your body, sometime lemon can be too harsh to some people who's sensitive. In this case moi!! Sobbed. That's why i asked my husband to tried it and give it a go. And it does him well. 

Products used : 

1. Garnier Light Complete White Speed Scrub

Our favorite. Instant freshness and bright.

2. Garnier Light Complete White Day Cream

He has oily skin, so this one suits him best. Absorbed nicely and clean.


3. Garnier Light Complete White Day Cream with extra SPF

This one is stickier. Suitable for dry skin. But the extra SPF power is so tempting. Maybe good for a day at the beach.


4. Garnier Light Complete Night Restore

If i'm not breaking out, i'll be loving this forever. The texture more gel-like. Absorbs nicely and gave the cooling sensation on skin. Leaving it moist and relax too. My husband loves it too. But i gotta remind him to wear it every night, he's a guy, remember!! Haha.


So this is the result of my husband face after about two weeks usage. See the slightly more brighter complexion? This seemed small, but make a huge different on whole appearance. He noticed that his coworkers said that he looked healthier and happier, haha. Cute, huh?!

Now, we've tried The New Garnier Light Complete White Speed!! Now it's your turn to try and shine!!


Ok that's it for me now. Thanks again Garnier Indonesia for the opportunity and hope to see you guys on another post.

Love ya!! XOXO..


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  1. Hahahaha... hey it give the products to our spouse when we started breaking out xD. And it look so different ya

    1. Sorry for the typo. I mean, it gives me an idea to give the products to my hubby too :)

  2. I tried Garnier products, but unfortunately my face couldn't bear it. It became so dry and I felt like my skin was going to break huhuhuhu. It's good that the products suit you.

  3. I really can't bear Garnier products. it's like my face turn to be so greasy huuhuu