May 29, 2015

My Beauty Rules.. ^^

Hi my beautiful readers..

First of fall, happy 8th birthday to Female Daily. Geez, i got confused about what to wish for you guys (the FDN Teams) since you've all reached very high. I mean, sky's no limit for your success. So just a simple "keep on the awesome work" words hopefully be okay.

To celebrate, Female Daily got this cool campaign called #YourBeautyRules. Here i want to share my beauty rules. What i mean by me, means me. So feel free to try on if you're interested, but by all means, this doen't mean you should follow the same thing. Recognize yourself and be smart to choose what's best for you. Relax, we're humans with unique individuals, not just followers. For more info for this campaign just click ^^

Nuff chit chat, so, my beauty rules, hmmm.. For me SMOKEY EYES is a must. Well, you can tell by the caps. For severely hooded eye like me, this is the only way i could made my eyes look bigger and opened.

As you can see, it's all about the eye.
I love eyes, cause for me it's a part of your body that could not lie.

I could rock smokey eyes in any colors (not just black, guys) and in any lip color too (not always nude, nude colors sometimes made me looked like i need more sugar intake, haha!). But in daily basis, i just use eyeliner (not super winged though) and embrace the hooded-ness. But, to counteract the less-drama scene (since i don't wear my smokey, so it means less dramatic day) i use bold lips. Red, purple, hot pink, you name it. I even got the black ones too. Haha.

My latest creation with my fave color, blue.

Oh yeah, and for my makeup products, i really-really tried my best to embraces the local brands as much as i could. Just to bring more awareness to people that our own products are not as bad as you might think. And it's cheaper too. So it's a plus plus. But i gotta admit, international brands could be very tempting with all the innovative creations and works as charm. Yeah well, hopefully one day we have our own brand that could compete it all. Amen!

Anyway, here's my daily simple look.

This is "safe" look
with a baby pink lip balm

And bam!!! More interesting one. 
Hot pink lips don't lie, huh?!

My rules for eye makeup are :

1. Be bold with smokey eyes. Use any color you want.

2. Fake lashes and contacts made HUGEEEE different, trust me!!

3. When in dispair, just put a pencil eyeliner (smudge it out), lipstick and colored contact lens, you're good to go.

So, conclusion is, no matter what kinda eyes you have, no matter how thick/thin your eyeliner/shadow etc is, as long as you wear it with confident, you will rock it. Me? I was born as an ordinary child with ZERO confident. But now, i have a beauty blog, work on beauty videos and i love it. I collects my confident piece by piece, with determination and will, i could defeat my fears and conquered the obstacles (well not all, but better than none, right!!). Now, come on, stand up, put your lipstick on (and brows if you have none, lol.)

Bare Face Don't Care..


Be yourself, create your own rules. Cause, hey, rules are meant to be broken anyway. And yeah, be comfortable in your own skin. No one will love YOU as much as YOU do.


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See ya!!!


(Putting makeup) It's all about having fun creating the best version of yourself rather than trying to look like someone else. - Female Daily

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