March 12, 2015

Maybelline New York's First Horse Riding Event and Intimate Session Event Report

Hi my beautiful readers..

Last Sunday, i was (joyfully) attended this exclusive event held by Maybelline Indonesia at Arthayasa Stable. With "first horse riding" as theme and a stable as venue, i was confused at first. What should we do there. Are we gonna watch some horse sport, or else? Well, this in new. 

When we finaly got there, i was stunned. I cannot believe there's still a spot in hot hot Jakarta with a natural ambience like this...

See what i mean?!

Ok, so this event was meant to introduce the very new addition brand ambassador of Maybelline Indonesia. And it's not gonna be announced until 24th of March 2015, so i was very lucky to be one of 10 beauty bloggers that exclusively chosen to know it first.

Ms. Monika Ardianti, 
Business Unit Manager 
Maybelline New York Indonesia.

Tadaaa.... The brand ambassador. 
Well, just a siluet though. Gotta be bit hush hush about her. 

She's so cute, nice and sporty as well. She loves makeup that's simple, quick and practical, so she doesn't have to pile up makeup and yet get great result.

Why on stable, again, you've asked?! The answer is, our mystery brand ambassador is a young lady (of course) who is beautiful and active. She loves outdoors activities and one of them is horse riding. And guess what, that day, we weren't just watching her in action, we also gotta chance to ride along with her. So much fun. This sporty event were also meant for us, beauty bloggers, to tested out the longevity of their improved Clear Smooth All In One compact powder on outdoor activities, even in horse riding sport. This product claimed to give natural result, shine free and brighten our face. It also stays for 12 hours. Intrigued, let's see the test.

But first, let's take a ride...

Me and Shella

Super happy face!!

[Pics Source : @maybellineina]

So, before that, i have to strip down all my makeup and redid it using Maybelline BB Cream and top it off with Clear Smooth All In One.


As you can see, it gave smooth finish. 
Cover up imperfections nicely and looked beautiful on camera. Just like an HD makeup thingy.
(Non filtered photos)

This is after 30 minutes horse ride.

Note that we did horse riding outdoors with pretty harsh sunlight and very humid weather, so my sweat and oil are piling up like crazy. I didn't blot or remove the sweats so you can see the staying power here. 

The shine free stuff for me is not lasted that long (12 hours) in outdoorsy situation. Besides my very severe oily skin, humidity and hot air makes my face just freakishly shiny. But the great thing is, the makeup didn't melt and disappeared. Just tapped blotting tissue on my T-Zone and i'm ready to go again. So i bet this product will do absolutely great on cooler places with air conditioning and if you have normal or not too oily skin, this will stay perfectly even outdoors.

Nuff said, here's some pictures from the events..

The Clear Smooth All in One.

With medium coverage, it also comes in 5 different shades that fits Indonesian women. Enriched with SPF 34+++ to (again) protect us from the harmful sun damage. 

 With Jesslyn.

 Spotted : Jesslyn, Ochell and Griss.

When photobomb were taken fabulously serious.

The prodigy and Maybelline team.

Huge WEFIE!!!

Lastly a pic with the brand ambassador.

She probably will feel uncomfortable with all the blur stuff. Sorry for the inconvenience though. Cannot wait for the reveal on 24th.

Thanks so much guys for inviting me. The event was amazing and unforgettable. This is surely a first, so kudos to Maybelline team.

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