March 03, 2015

L'Oréal Paris Private Viewing Event Report

Hi hi hiiii..

Another quickie themed blog post. Oh no no no, not that kinda quickie. Naughty, you!! It's makeup and skin care-wise kinda quickie. Lol.

Ok, so last Saturday, L'Orèal Paris Indonesia invited me to their super exclusive Private Viewing on their two new products.

First, the Revitalift Magic Blur, which is the latest innovation in skun care. This All-in-one moisturizer with opti-blur technology claimed could fades the appereance of fine lines and pores. Enriched with anti-aging agent, pro-retinol A and dermalift to fights early aging signs on long term usage.

Second, the Color Riche Extraordinaire. It is the new generation of lipsticks with more intense colors than lip gloss and more moisturizing than lip balm. After long research, L'Oréal Paris finally able to combined precious oil with pigments, which used to be an impossible thing to do. This product also enchanced with magnifying oil to add more dimention to the lips.

So all those products are meant to support the "5 Minutes Magic Extraordinaire" makeup trend, which is a 5 simple steps to get fabulous and flawless makeup look in only 5 minutes. So tempting, right?! Those steps are :

1. Moisturize our face with Revitalift Magic Blur that works also as a face primer.

2. Apply True Match Mineral foundation for matte and flawless finish.

3. Apply Superliner Blackbuster eyeliner to bolden up the eye.

4. Then Butterfly mascara for more dramatic eye look.

5. Last but not least, apply Color Riche Extraordinaire lipstick for magnificent finishing touch.

So here's the event's pictures..

Look at the table setting. Gosh, wish i had 'em all. Those are for makeup competition held later on.



Dian Sastrowardoyo, the L'Oréal Brand Ambassador, was sitting next to me throughout the event. And she's very humble. Well, you know when beauty bloggers saw makeup products laying about right in front, they tend to swatch swatch and swatch, rite? Surprisingly, Dian also has the same interest. She tried all the lipstick colors with us, along with the blushes and shadows, while telling us about her as a makeup junkie but know almost nothing about makeup brushes. Haha. You are pretty already, neutral eye makeup and bold lips is enough. So any brushes will do, sista!! ^^

Tried it all, folks!!
She shared the result straight on her instagram account.

She also told us, as a mom of two with busy working hours, she has almost no time to do long makeup and hair do. Back then, she needed two hours to prepare for an event or party. But now, she just need half an hour. Gosh! So true. In between those screaming and demands of our kids, extra time is surely a privilege. Therefore, she needs products that support all that. So treating your skin while making it fabulous too. And L'Oréal answers all those needs. Wow, i cannot wait to try and give it a go.

True Indonesian Beauty.

Our pink lips gang!!!

Wefie taken by Dian.
We all use the Color Riche Extraordinaire in Fuschia Orchestra.

[Source : @therealdisastr]

So much fun chit chatin' with her.

[Source : @lorealparisid]

L'Oréal Team


1. Meitha Sembiring - Head of Beauty Expert L'Oréal Paris
2. Dian Sastrowardoyo - Brand Ambassador L'Oréal Paris 
3. Dimas Triwibowo - Skin Care Product Manager L'Oréal Paris
4. Antania Hanjani - Product Manager PR, Digital and Makeup

Makeup Challenge Winner

With Dian plus photobombed by 
Feegy and Catra, 
super cute, guys!!!

Another WEFIE!!!

 What's on our goody bag.

Oh yeah!!!
Dramatic colors... Love love!!

Ok, that's it for now. The event was a blast, been laughing and got valuable information as well. What's not to love. Thank you so much L'Oréal and Prodigy team for inviting me. Hope to see you guys in another events.


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