March 21, 2015

Discover The Future of Beauty with Panasonic Beauty Event Report..

Hi guys..

So last weekend, I was invited by #PanasonicBeautyID and Female Daily to attend their private meet up to introduce us their latest technology in beauty. Not just face, but hair too. We all know that makeup and hair style are best friends, right?!

 Ms. Shanty from Female Daily opened the event.

Mr. Aar from Prestige Salon, Kemang, gave as a quick demo on how to use Panasonic products properly.

The venue was packed with enthusiastic beauty bloggers. 

Ok, so let me give you a walkthrough about stuff i've tried there.

1. Hair Dryer EH-NA65

This is a professional hair dryer with Nanoe Technology, which is a ultra fine ion that contain 1000 times more moisture ,leaving your hair and scalp moisten after each usage.

Each package equipped with Diffuser Attachment - to dry while shaping your natural wavy hair and a Quick Dry Noozle that could blow the strong and soft wind in alternations so your hair will dry more quick with and prevent the damage.
Nd like 
What i love about this thing is that it has 3 different level of speeds and temperature control. It comes really useful for me.

Me and Marsha literally fought for this.

Tryin' the diffuser.

2. Hair Dryer EH-NA30

Love love the pink color. Again this one also with Nanoe technology, so it ensures your hair's health. Comes with 3 set of speed control. And like the previous one, it has a ridiculously light weight. You gotta try 'em to believe. Bye bye sore arms. Haha.

3. Hair Straightner EH-HS95

This one also has Nanoe Technology, but what makes it more interesting is, it equipped with Photoceramics Layer that could prevent the reduction of hair colors (on 170° celcius in 1 month usage) and it prevent moisture lost by 14.5% (compare to Panasonic ceramic straightner on 200° celcius usage). Hmm, quiet a catch. 

It also has 5 temperature settings depends for your hair type (150/170/180/190/200°C). For fine hair, you just need about 160-170°C but for very frizzy or curly hair, they need higher sets.

Last thing that is a plus is the Intelligent Sensing System that could automatically set the temperature to 170°C when idle, and automatically will turn off after 60 minutes of idle. So if you're clumsy head and leave your straightener on unintentionally, this will safe you from the fire danger.

3. Hair Straightener EH-HW17

So cute, perfect for travel. Heat up in just 40 seconds and completed with a cover. So it really really travel is friendly.

This product is really lightweight and fun for straightening / curling.

4. Face Steamer EH-SA31

With Nano Ion particles, goes deep into the skin and locks the moisture in. It also helps to deep cleanse your face each day. I personally love this one. So soothing, just like beauty clinic right at home. :)

5. Pore Cleanser EH-2513

This is unique stuff. It sucked out (with 50 kPa energy) any nasty stuff from your pores while spritzing micro-fined water, so you won't feel hurt at all. Quiet funny feeling. 

Well i just use it on my hand because i saw many people were using it before and it's quiet unhygienic. But the sucking power was quiet nice and will try the effective-ness when i got my own one day. 

6. Face Hair Ionizer EH-SA42VP
This is like a cute pink bowling ball. It oozes out Nanoe particles into air surrounds you that could go deep into our subcutaneous layer (fat layer) and protect the skin with protective layers therefore could soften the Stratum Corneum. Those wil result in more tight and brighter skin. 

7. Eyelash Curler EH-SE60VP
The wand could rotate 360° and also heat up, to make sure your lashes stay put all day. I was trying this using mascara on, but it really hold the curl. Love it. I dunno if it still work as good if you/ are not wearing any mascara.


Fiuhh.. Finally i could take the breather. Haha. For more information about products and Nanoe Technology, just visit here...

Instagram / Twitter : @PanasonicBeautyID

Ok, that's it for now. Thank you so much #PanasonicBeautyID and Female Daily for the lovely event. 

Thanks for reading!! So, which one is your favorite products?!?!


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