February 26, 2015

PAC Asian Beauty Awards Event Report

First of all, so sorry for the very late post. I lost all the pictures and finally got it recovered couple of weeks ago. Haha. Fiuh! Since it was a very awesome event, how could i not share it with you guys. So, let's begin.

I was invited by PAC to their annual Asian Beauty Awards. This event was first held in 2007 in a hope to find new talents in beauty industry, to help them enchance their skills into the next level and also promote them local and internationally. For more info about PAC Asian Beauty Awards just click here. I think this is the best way to testing out our skill, you never know, you'd may be the next winner. Mrs. Monique from PAC encouraged me to join, but i hesitated. My low self esteem get the best of me. Next year, promise!! Wish me luck. Haha. 
Ok, so this year's event was held along with the Sounds Fair Festival. The annual jazz fest. And more excitement will coming....

Day One [24th October 2014]

Asian Beauty Awards started with a BEAUTY SEMINAR mentored by the famous international MUA, Justin Henry and Merton Muaremi, both are based in Melbourne, Australia.

First is the Makeup Demo by Merton. Known as Makeup Artist and Hair Stylist to many high end magazine and runways, he known for his editorial free-style look.

He talked about FASHION VS RUNWAY. His unforgettable tip for this industry is, THERE'S NO RULES! Makeup is art and there's no rules in art. Just be yourself and be as creative as you could be. Brava!!

He used the cap of the pencil liner, dabbed in face painting and dotted in on the model's temple area. Ha! Some easy tricks. First he uses face painting from PAC, then set everything up with eyeshadows.

His makeup on models.

Next is Makeup Demo from the lovely Justin Henry. Well known as Celebrity Makeup Artist, he worked with class A celebs such as Christina Aguilera, Kylie Minogue, Nelly Furtado, Pink, Spice Girls, The Pussycat Dolls dan Kimbra. I talked to him in person and  he's as sweet at teddy bear. Oh yeah, he told me that he would be collaborating with Tyra Banks on her new makeup line. Oh my!! 

He talked about CONTOURING TECHNIQUES. Oh man, this is the topic we'd never get enough off. I was so lucky to be there and to be seated front. Too excited. His ultimate tip in makeup for me is : to have a great makeup result, you need good skin and good lighting. Oh yeah, so true!!!

Justin in action. He made it seem sooooo easy.
He did highlight and contour on the face, then a bold smokey eyes. Oh, so me!! :)

Models looks

After the seminar, all of sudden this pretty babe came from my back and after focusing my sight, i knew. She's Sophie Ellis Bextor. Gosh! I'm a hugeeee fan and almost fainted if i didn't get it together. 

She sang Murder On The Dance Floor.

Don't hate me. Haha! She is sooooo pretty and super nice. 

With Sophie and Mrs. Monique from PAC.
We both got star struck here. Lol!

Me with Justin and Mrs. Dian from PAC. Have lot's of fun lunchie and chit chating. We also sang the Murder On A Dance Floor together. So lucky to get up close and personal with him. Such humble and fun personality.

Next is the BEAUTY WORKSHOP. Here Justin and Merton each have a class where the participants should bring their own models. They will do the demo again and this time, participants could redo it to their models. Justin and Merton will supervised them in person and gave tips and corrected if there any mistakes. Just like private classes.

Justin's Class

One on one tutorial

Merton's Class
Jam packed with enthusiastic students

Day Two [25th October 2014]

Today is the competition day. From all the participants, the PAC team chose 40 finalists from Local Category and 30 finalists from International Category. For the International Category, there were also contestants from Malaysia, Brunei and Philipines. Too bad i couldn't make it to the competition, but i got a chance to meet the winner on the press conference. 

Here's the winner

The Judges
Derry, Krisdayanti, Merton Muaremi, Sophie Ellis-Bextor, and Justin. 

They were sharing about all the criteria they've had to chose the winner. From color combinations to hygiene and neat-ness. All those little factors as clean up the brushes and not making mess are really matters. (Note to self!)

And on this event, PAC also launches their new limited edition makeup palette with two variants, Colour Olympic and Pop Rock. Each has 3 items such as eyeshadows, lipsticks and blushes, with wearable color and easy to use. I will review it to you guys as soon as i get them.

Ok, that's it for me now. Such an awesome event, so glamorous yet very resourceful. I was very lucky to be invited by PAC. And i hope to see you soon in another fab event. Thank you so so much. Bye bye!


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