February 04, 2015

My First Derma Filler Experience with Miracle Aesthetic Clinic

Hola dolls.

Sorry for the very late post. Got my own reasons for that. Anyway, today i wanna share to you guys my first ever derma filler treatment at Miracle Clinic Taman Anggrek Mall. For some people, filler thingy probably familiar. But for me, it's brand new and very exciting. Why?! Because you can enhance almost any imperfections you might have on your face in a snap. No surgery needed, and totally save, since the products' use are based from antioxidant material that even our own body produces called Hyaluronic Acid.

Ok, so let me think, which imperfections that i have. Hmm, a lot! I can blabber about all my face imperfection for two weeks straight and even it's not enough. Sigh! So, with all those confusions, it always wise to consult the doctor first. And my pretty doctor, Jill, suggested that i enhanced my chin area. Since i practically has no chin, i agreed. She said it could make a huge difference on my feature. Yippeee!!

But first thing first. Since my face is too chubby at the moment, (another) sigh! Dr. Jill suggested me to do a lippo dissolve injections on the first meeting, uhh i like the sounds of that. Haha. Then after two weeks, she would give me the filler injections.

My first meeting

As usual they took picture of before and after, for documentation

They use not one, but two syringes full. Oh man, i am that chubby.
And, before, they put anesthetic cream on my jaw areas.

After two weeks, i'm back for the filler injections. Another photo was taken.

Dr. Jill answered all my curious ness about derma filler thoroughly

 After the anesthetic cream are perfectly absorbed and wiped clean, dr. Jill check out and marked the areas to "fill" my chin area

So basically i did two procedures at one that day.
First dr. Jill gave botox then continues with the filler. The botox was use to make sure the filler stays in place.

The nerve-wrecking moment. The moment of truth.

My heart was pounding like crazy, not because of the syringes and all. Just purely excited. I just couldn't wait to see the result.

And there you go.....


Before derma filler and before lippo dissolve procedure

right after the derma filler injection

Can you tell?!
I was so excited, i almost jumping around at that moment. Haha!

Meet my new chin.
I actually named her. ^_^

Oh my God! That was trully exciting. And it really-really made a huge difference. FYI, the filler could stay from 5-10 months, so i probably gonna need more. Lol! Anyway, thank you so much Miracle Clinic and dr. Jill for the first class treatment and great great result.

That's it for now, hope you find this post useful and Ciao!!!

For more information, just visit their website page :

INSTAGRAM : @miracle_clinic

TWITTER : @Miracle_Clinic



  1. Hanny!! Tsakeup bangettttsss.. Gw kemarin juga filler di Miracle okeh banget..

    1. Asik bgt yaaa.. haha.. ngaruh berat.. nagih dehh.. ^_^

  2. Mak! ketjehhh.. keren.. tapi ngeri yaaaaa hahaha *takut jarum suntik*

    1. ga sakit kok.. pake anestesi.. hasilnya worth it..

  3. aaahh...!! keren bet..!! pengen deh >.<

    1. iyaa.. so cool!!! ingin di daerah lain juga.. hahahaha..

  4. han jd kece bgt gw mupeng nih😆 bisikin dong brp filler di miracle? tahan brp lama ini han?

    1. aku lupa exact nya brapa bok.. tahan 5-10 bulannn. hihi.

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