January 06, 2015

Sariayu Color Trend 2015 Swatches

Hi dolls..

So in this post i will show you some swatches on some of the 2015 color trend by Sariayu Martha Tilaar. As usual they all are very pigmented and have a very affordable price.

Without further due, let's begin.

This is all products i have right now. Got eyeshadow, lipstick and eyeliners.

The P1 Eyeshadow

This is love at first sight. Once i saw it, i knew i have to have one. The colors are to die for and for me who has a weird blue eyeshadow addiction, this is totally A MUST HAVE!!

Note : 
the two colors swatch on the right side were used along with the eye primer that comes with the package [the silver one in the middle].

As you can see, the colors are so pigmented. I cannot see the difference between ones with or without the primer. But primer is a must, though. To make your eyeshadow stick more and lasts for a looonggg loongggg time.

The Eyeliners
Blue : P1 & Black : P2

The eyeliner texture are so soft and, yes, very pigmented. Very nice for blending and easy to put on waterline. I doesn't irritate my eyes like other drugstore eyeliners do. I have a very sensitive eyes, so putting an eyeshadow on my waterline sometimes could be a pain in my butt. So, no more tears for me.

Lipstick P1

Has duo colors on it. Perfect for single usage or even for blending to make an ombre effect. Perfect peach and hot red. TO DIE FOR!!
It also fits perfectly on my sensitive lips and very-very long lasting.

So conclusion is, this years products for me are the best so far. The consistency and color pay off are so great. It worth to buy and surely gonna repurchase esp the eyeliners and lipsticks. Loveee loveee!!!!

Ok so that's it for now. Hopefully i could do a makeup tutorial using all of these soon. Thanks for reading, guys.



  1. Wah tren warna tahun ini keren ya mbaa... aku suka lipstik duo-nya. Kalo ga salah beberapa tahun lalu sariayu pernah ngeluarin juga ya lipstik duo tapi kemudian ngilang lagi. Lucu banget bisa campur2 warna siang n malam yaak xD

    1. Iyaa banget mba Mia.. you should try the P3 lipstick, the purple.. pasti kece berat di kamu mbaaa.. :)

  2. iyah keren ide dou lipstiknya, tapi kalo lagi buru-buru, sulit juga nge aplly salah satu sisi, ngeri nya malah kena lagi :P

    Btw, Main ke blog daku yooOoo :D


    1. Hahaha asalkan fokus si ga akan melenceng.. hihi..