January 25, 2015

L'Oréal True Match Skin Idealizing BB Cream - REVIEW


When it comes to complexion, we never gonna say ENOUGH! Flawless and smooth finish but lightweight, non cakey, natural and other bla bla are our biggest demand. And as you can see, answering our demands, many cosmetic brands worked head over heels to launch various kinds of face base. From foundations to alphabetical tinted moisturiser. Haha!

Ok, so today i want to give a little review about L'Oréal True Match Skin Idealizing BB Cream with SPF 35 PA+++ and 24 hours Moisture. I was interested because of the skin idealizing words, actually. I'm really reckless about my face and trully didn't give a damn about sun damage back then, so as results, now i have a very bad skin. Discolorations, brown spots, flaky-ness. Yes, Karma truly is a bitch!! So, what i need is a base that could idealizing my un-ideal face skin. And the SPF is a plus plus.

This product claim to have these three main functions :

1. Retexturize: with Adenosine to smooth the skin's texture

2. Retone: Vitamin CG even out skin tone

3. Protect: SPF 35+++ to avoid sun damage

Ok so here it is :



Well, i think it has a great texture and could hide my redness quiet well. has a pretty sheer-medium coverage and not buildable, you still can see the brown spots here and there. I'd personally would love to wear this if i have dry-normal skin with minimum skin problem, cause of the moisturising thingy.

I live in Jakarta, Indonesia, it's very humid and hot here. And for me, this BB cream melts pretty easily on this kinda climate. Well, unless you're indoors with full AC all the time. And to be frank, it really-really melt till all my face felt bare, like i wear no base makeup whatsoever. Just left you with the magic of sunscreens, the greyish white cast. Oh my. 

I am so disappointed since i love the moisture effect. But anyway, my oily-combination skin plus humid climates, makes me really sensitive towards BB Creams. If you have very dry skin or work long indoors with AC (it could dry your skin harshly, you know), or live in non-humid climate regions, you would love this product. But again i need to warn you about the light coverage. However, if you're into natural skin-like makeup, than this is a good one. 

Ok that's it from me now, hope you find it useful. If you have akin condition like me, please share your HG makeup base, i'd love to try great new stuff. See ya next time.



  1. hai.... bagus deh BB cream ya. menutupi banget....
    harga ya berapa ?