December 29, 2014

Sariayu Color Trend 2015 "Inspirasi Papua" Launch Event

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Hi my beautiful readers.

Time goes by and before we knew it, another year has pass and Sariayu, the famous local brand, launches their annual color trend. It's their 29th launch now, isn't that amazing. And i'm so excited to be part of this beautiful moment.

This year's trend was inspired by the beautiful nature and culture of Papua abd their Raja Ampat region that's known globally for the underwater magic. And do not forget the beautiful birds of paradise that originated here. Do you know that Papua is the largest island in Indonesia and second largest in the world after Greenland? Amazing, right?!

As usual they launches new eyeshadows, lipsticks, liners and mascara. What's new is, in each of every products contained Pandanus Conoideus Fruit Oil (buah merah) that contain the largest antioxidant numbers compares to any other fruits and enriched with beta carotene and alpha tocopherol as the source of vitamin A and vitamin E. Buah merah, known locally as kuansu, only grows in Papua. People of Wamena uses this fruit as food (served at Bakar Batu parties) and traditional medicine for it's well known function for healing so many diseases.

The Inspiration

Closer look on Buah Merah
Source : Google

The event opened with a performance of Papua's traditional dance and the Miss Indonesia 2014 first runner-up from West Papua, Ellen Rachel Aragay graciously sing this beautiful song "Aku Papua". Her beauty gives me chills.

 Watchout, Halle Berry!!!

The new product's presentation. 

Sariayu Martha Tilaar working together with Yohanes Surya University to emphasize the usage of the buah merah from food and medical use into cosmetical use. And they said that this fruit is even better than goji berry. Oh, God! I'm proud to be Indonesian. The natural richness are uncountable.

Next is a speech from mrs. Martha Tilaar. One of the most influencing woman in Indonesia.

Then the show followed by a Fashion Show that's also inspired by Papua, from Deden Siswanto.

The collections are dramatic and etchnic

And here's the finale. 
With two main models from Sariayu Color Trend 2015.

Nuff said, now here's the new products..

This is the 2015 Beauty Map.
Usually not for sale, ahh so pretty.

Blue - White - Black


With additional eyeshadow base on each packages, Sariayu ensures you get the most vibrant of colors as you can get.


These lipsticks has duo color so you could use it together or alone, so practical.
My personal fave is the purple one (P3).

Plus the Mascara


 With fellow yummy bloggers Feegy and Shella

With mrs. Martha Tilaar

With Feegy!!!!

I'm using the P3 lipstick, here (the purple one).
The color's amazing, very long lasting and yet doesn't dried up my sensitive lips. Thumbs up!!!

Haul of the day and our goody bag.
Early xmas present for myself..


Thanks so much Sariayu for inviting me to this wonderful event. Really loves the new range and will review them next.

Thanks for reading guys!!



  1. lipstiknya lucu banget ya Ce ada dua sisi gitu XD

    1. Iya rinn.. trus warnanya nampol bgt.. bnr2 thn lamaaa.. ^_^

  2. Deuh naksir sama esedonya yg di poto kebuka itu. Kayanya wearable banget!

    1. Hi vani.. eyeshadow sariayu emang very pigmented, esp klo pk good primers.. ^_^

  3. Eyeliner-nya kok jadi bikin pengen yak :3

    1. Haii haii.. thanks for reading..
      Eyeliner nya TE O PE!!! Glides smoothly, very pigmented dannn tahan lama.. utk waterline juga ga bikin mata perihh.. :)

  4. Naksir sama eyelinernya, lipstiknya juga ha ha :D
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