December 04, 2014

Fisher's Price Soothe & Glow SeaHorse Launch Event..

Dear Beautiful Moms!!! [And Dads].

When it comes to putting our babies to sleep, there's never ever any exact fixed formula, there's no shortcuts and it's surely never easy. Especially for breast feed babies, sigh (wiping my sweats now). Singing, rocking, cuddling, even night drivings, i've been through it all. Say hello for permanent under eye bags, sister!! High five! Haha. But not all babies like mine, there are also lucky moms out there who has a very cooperative babies when it comes to sleeping (and eating). Babies are unique, each and every one of them. Just enjoy every second, because before you know it, they grew up and no longer need you to hug and cuddle them to sleep, sobbed!

So last week, i was invited by Fisher Price to attend their Soothe & Glow Seahorse media launch. Spotted there is Cathy Sharon, the brand ambassador. She also took Jacob, her son. But unfortunately since the event held on 3 pm, he was on his nap time just like Clav.

Fisher Price educated us the importance of sleeping. Don't take it for granted.

The Soothe & Glow Seahorse.
So cute. Come in two colors, pink and blue.

With fellow momma-bloggers.
So happy to meet you all.

Beautiful Cathy Sharon.
She always excited everytime she talks about her son. Momma-Bear!!

Okay, back to sleeping routine. Do you know how important sleep is to your babies? From newborn till about 18 months, they needs 15-18 hours to sleep everyday, and your job is to make sure your babies reach the targets. The child psychologist Vera Itabiliana Hadiwidjojo, Psi. - sez that babies' brains are mostly develops during REM (Rapid Eye Movement) sleep. So sleeping could increase their cognitive and physical development. And besides its grand functions, when baby is asleep, mommies could take a me-time as well. Either sleeping, watching movies, writing (this) blogs, and other hobbies. That's also important to keep our sanity intake, rite?! 

Oh yeah, Mrs. Vera also said that some moms are too desperate while putting their child to bed then become very agitated and anxious. This situation could effect the child as well, so they become agitated too. So the great tips here is to relax and be calm. Well, it's easier to said than done, but i've been there (A LOT!) and it's very hard!!! But when i get a hang of it (with the enormous support from my lovely husband, of course), i can say that it really works. Every time i feel agitated, annoyed or mad, it became harder and harder to put Clav to bed. Coincidence? You try it, then. Let me know if i'm right. Haha.

To help mommies promote healthy sleeping routine for their babies, Fisher-Price launches their new product, Soothe & Glow Seahorse. This cute soft doll is hug-able and plays soft music and like the name, it also has this soft yellow-ish glow that calms the room's nuances. That cute little thingy even made me skip the dish-washing routine last night, it made me drowsy too. ^_^

Ok, so besides being totally calm and relax, here are other tips that may help your child to be as comfortable as possible at night to make our life easier and less-dramatic :

1. Make a nice calm ambience. Yellowish dim light could do the trick.

2. Set the temperature which is comfortable for your child. Some children, like mine, prefer very cold temp. You can adjust it, if it's too cold or too hot, it will affect the child too.

3. Turn on calming sounds. Like soft tunes, raining sound (no thunder though), waves, and anything monotonics could do the trick.

4. Lastly, you could also give your child something he/she could hug during sleep time. Like a company so they feel save and warm. It could be a soft doll, blanket or pillow. 

Tan Shu Mei - Senior Brand Manager, Mattel South East Asia - said that mothers are the best care taker for their child. Fisher-Price understand it and created Soothe & Glow Sea horse to help mommies out there put their babies to sleep, coz sometimes, babies are indeed need some support to make them easier to put to bed. [So true!]

 Yeayy!!! Cute Seahorse..
We call him Stevie.. 

Drowsy.... drowsyyyy.....

How he loves his glowing friend..

Here's a video from Fisher Price about the importance of sleeping

And You know what, Fisher-Price has this awesome #Bayikubobo contest, all you have to do is tell them your experience on how to put your babies to bed. Any tips and tricks, ups and downs, you name it. And hopefully, your story could help other moms who's struggle too. 

Here's how :

1. Visit

2. Upload pictures or videos on how you put your babies to bed with little story behind it.

3. Share it to Facebook and Twitter.

4. Vote vote and vote!!!

5. You could also asked your friends to join via Facebook, and every 3 person joined, your vote score will be doubled.

6. Winner will be picked by the highest vote.

7. The contest will be on from 27th November 2015 till 17th January 2015.


1. First Winner [1 person]
- Spa Treatment from RH Baby Spa worth IDR 1.075.000
- 1 pcs Soothe & Glow Seahorse worth IDR 349.900
-1 pcs Step & Ride Lion worth IDR 899.900

2. Second Winner [1 person]
- Spa Treatment from RH Baby Spa worth IDR 865.000
- 1 pcs Soothe & Glow Seahorse worth IDR 349.900
-1 pcs Laugh & Learn Tool Bench worth IDR 499.900

3. Third Winner [1 person]
- Spa Treatment from RH Baby Spa worth IDR 741.400
- 1 pcs Soothe & Glow Seahorse worth IDR 349.900
-1 pcs Laugh & Learn Puppy worth IDR 499.900

4. Fourth Winner [5 persons]
- 1 pcs Soothe & Glow Seahorse worth IDR 349.900
-1 pcs Laugh & Learn Tool Bench worth IDR 499.900

5. Fifth Winner [10 persons]
 1 pcs Soothe & Glow Seahorse worth IDR 349.900
-1 pcs Laugh & Learn Click 'n Learn Remote worth IDR 499.900

That is so exciting, so what are you waiting for?? Just visit #Bayikubobo website now and join!!! ^_^

Click here for more info!!

For more info about Fisher Price just visit :

Facebook Page : FisherPriceID


Instagram : @fisherprice_id 

Thank you for reading. Bubye moms!!! ^_^


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