November 12, 2014

BOW By Billy Tjong in Collaboration with WRP Diet Fashion Show..

Another show of the day at #UROCKS!JKTFASHION. But now, Billy Tjong made collaboration with WRP Diet. Who doesn't know WRP? I use them a lot throughout my college years, even before my wedding. Their 6 days program package are really works. You just need DETERMINATION! With that, yummy slim (ramping) body is in your hand. Just, Show You Can Do! ^_^

Billy Tjong's collections for WRP Diet are really really represents the brand's image. The plain dark red fabric with sexy designs, so tempting yet eye catching. Really enhancing the curves of women. If you wear them, all eyes surely will be on you.

So here you go, #BOWByBillyTjongForWRP..

[Pic Courtesy : @wrpdiet_official]

Simple and Sexy. You could never go wrong with red!

Me and Billy Tjong.

Alright, so WRP introduced us with new innovation. Those are WRP Diet To Go and WRP Jelly Drink.

Made life much much more easier. Haha.

WRP Diet To Go.

With rich chocolate flavor. We could use this to substitute our breakfast and dinner meal. I hope they would made this in other flavors too, love their green tea, strawberry and coffee flavor. Did i just mention all? Haha.

WRP Jelly Drink.

This is suppose to be our "snacking" substitute.


Cause jelly tends to make us fuller cause it's jammed packed with fibers. It also soooo good for our digestive system. Oh yeah, It has low calories too. What's not to love?!?!


For more info about WRP Diet products and programs, just visit :

INSTAGRAM : @wrpdiet_official



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