November 12, 2014

BOW By Billy Tjong in Collaboration with Heavenly Blush Fashion Show..

Well well, who doesn't love yogurt? Even my baby boy loves it. Nothing but yummy goodness there. But when Fashion collides with Yogurt? It surely creates a clear statement, FRESH!

On #UROCKS!JKTFASHION, our dear Indonesian fashion designer, Billy Tjong made this collaboration with Heavenly Blush, a well known brand specialized in yogurt products. Results : Fabulous clothing that are so chic, simple and (like i've said before) Fresh!!

Here we go, #BOWByBillyTjongForHB..

[Pic Courtesy : @billytjongofficial]

Yummy Yum Yum!!

Man of the hour : Billy Tjong.
His works are amazing!!

Quick Yogurt Fact :

Do you know that women tends to loose more calcium than man, so we have more tendencies to have osteoporosis if we don't do anything about it? Sigh! What an ugly truth. But it doesn't mean man could escape osteoporosis at all though.  That's why we need more calcium intake before it's too late, especially pregnant ladies and mom who's breast fed. You have no idea how much nutritions (esp. calcium) babies took all the way from the womb. Gasp!

And another yummy fact is, yogurt is a real milk substitute for those of you who has lactose intolerance. You can have all benefits from milk, calcium, minerals, vitamins and all, without facing the "agony", if you know what i mean. Haha!

You know what, there are more interesting facts about yogurt. All goods and zero bad. Come on, widened our horizons and visit Heavenly Blush site, NOW!

Next, we're gonna talk about the new variants of Heavenly Blush yogurt. They now have more flavors, blackcurrant and peach. I've tasted them all and they are all lovely. But my fave is still the strawberry one.

For more info about Heavenly Blush products and their vision about healthy lifestyle - made easy, visit them at :

FACEBOOK PAGE : HeavenlyBlushYogurt

TWITTER : @HeavenlyBlush

INSTAGRAM : @heavenlyblushyogurt

See ya later. Got to go fill my intestines with good bacteria. ^_^ Kudos Healthy Lifestyle!!!


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