September 24, 2014


Hi dolls..

It's been months since my last post, i'm into this super hectic full time momma mode that made me spent most of my energy for my beloved son. Therefore i have abandoned my lovely blog. My bad. But this good news is too good to not to be shared. So stay with me and be amazed.

Do you have super oily skin and big pores problem like me??

If your answer is YES, then let me ask you this....

How many "Pore Minimizing" products have you tried?

If your answer is none, your welcome, this post will save your pocket, tears, drama, disappointment, and all. If your answer is more than 10 (like mine), then before you getting all skeptical (like me couple of weeks ago), please give a little time to read this post. It'll made you burst in tears, of joy, of course!

Okay, so earlier month, B.Liv has sent me their best selling products OFF WITH THOSE HEADS. No, not the wonderland kind, but the black/white heads one. Haha. This product claimed to reduce pores and heads in 14 days. But to be honest, at first i was really skeptical and about to refuse the endorsement. Why? Simply because i made my peace with my problems, i mean those heads stuff. I spent lots and lots of money, trying on skin cares serums, masks, all the at home stuff, nothing worked. Total bull. But, hey, they wanted honest opinion and they give you a money back guarantee in 14 days if you're not satisfied. Talking about commitment here, man!
Intrigued, then i give it a shot.

The packaging is so neat and simple. Reminds me of a clinic's formula. Come in pump bottle, so more hygienic for sure.

Main Ingredients

Tea Tree Oil:
• Controls acne
• Anti-inflammatory, anti-septic
• Anti-bacterial, anti-fungal

Aloe Vera Extract:
• Soothes & hydrates skin
• Fades acne scars
• Anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial

Witch Hazel Extract:
• Controls oil
• Tightens pores

Peppermint Oil:
• Eliminates blackheads & whiteheads
• Deeply cleanses
• Controls oil


Water, Aloe Barbadensis Leaf Extract, Hamamelis Virginiana (Witch Hazel) Extract, Carbomer, Propylene Glycol, Menthol, Melaleuca Alternifolia (Tea Tree) Leaf Oil, PEG-40 Hydrogenated Castor Oil, Sodium Hydroxide, Mentha Piperita (Peppermint) Oil, Methylparaben, Propylparaben, Diazolidiny Urea.


1. Use Off With Those Heads daily, morning and night.
2. After toner pump 2-3 pea-sized drops of Off With Those Heads onto your palm.
3. Apply on T-zone areas, or areas with blackheads and whiteheads.
4. The content of the product can be used for 12 months after opening.
5. The product lasts up to 3 months until completely used.

Source : B.liv web

So, i use about 1-2 pump on each usage and i love how it absorbed immediately onto my skin and leave it matte thanks to it's gel consistency (very suitable for oily skin). So awesome! And it has a soft minty scent. The product contain menthol and witch hazel that's quiet harsh for very sensitive skin, so you may want to be careful if you have very delicate skin.

And results!!!


Trust me, you never know how disgusting your pores are until you took a pic in zoom. See what i mean, i have REALLY REALLY ULTRA HUGE PORES and TONS OF BLACKHEADS. Yikes!

AFTER (1 week)

AFTER (2 weeks usage).

Well i see huge improvement here! And this product also brighten up my skin and smoothen the surface a little bit.

Amazing, right!! I will continue on using, and repurchase? Mmm, maybe. my verdict is mostly about the price.. ^_^

Btw, just for additional info, for best result you have to use this product everyday and follow the routine. Since our face produces oil on daily basis, if you stop the usage, then automatically, the blackheads and stuff will come right back, esp for super oily skin type like me.

So from my experience on more than two weeks usage, this product works drastically on refining my pores only for the first week (around 10 days), then i don't feel any more differences. In fact, when i forgot to use it for one day, my blackheads started to came back. I don't know if it's a phase, like using vitacid treatment or something. Maybe i just need to use it longer, just wait and see.

Brand Philosophy

B.liv seeks to inspire the youth of today to believe in themselves; that they can make a difference not only in the care of their skin but also the world they live in. After all, this generation will decide the fate of mankind and the planet we call home.
B.liv is also about confidence- hence, the name “b.liv” is not just a contraction of the word “believe”, but also of the words “be” and “live”. This constitutes a life-affirming motto which exhorts consumers to “live for the moment” and seize the day. More than just a skincare brand, b.liv is a vibrant philosophy that both the target market and its creator strongly share. 

Source : b.liv

Ok that's it for now. For more info just check out their website plus like abd follow their social medias here.

Facebook: indo



Kudos B.Liv!!


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