May 12, 2014


So basically this post is about the conclusion about what i do to take care of my hair in daily basis and of course, SILICONE FREE!!

1. I wash my hair every other day (if the weather is bear-able). If not, then if i washed my hair yesterday, then today i only washed my hair with conditioner.

2. I always put about 2-3 pumps of cem-ceman oil on my hair (three quarter long below the scalp) before put on shampoo. I only put shampoo on my scalp and rub gently, try not to let it cover my hair totally coz it make it so dry. The oil acted as the barrier.

3. Wash away the shampoo and use the conditioner on all parts of hair from roots till ends. Then rinse.

4. Towel dry by pressing.

5. After about almost dry (not damp anymore), add one pump cem-ceman oil. This acted as serum that will take care of frizziness and flyaways, but also nourishes my hair. So, after your hair is dry completely (air dried), it will be smooth like you'd never thought your frizzy hair could be without hot tools.. haha!

Because of the thickness of hair on each people may vary, then use the oil as much as you need, but beware not to use too much or your hair will looked greasy and dirty. ^_^

Thennn... (drum roll)..  healthy natural voluminous shiny hair, all yours!!
Thanks for reading, hope it helps. And if you have other cool tipd thay i could try, pleaseee share it with me on the comment box below!!!



PS : this method is use on my hair that's damaged (dry and frizzy).

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