March 12, 2014

[SOMETHING TO THINK ABOUT] -- Simple Thank Yous!!

Hi readers..

It was 6 am when i wrote this note, it was raining (hard, with awful thunders too) and i gotta chance to publish it now when baby Clav take his nap. I Hope this note could inspire you all.

Ok! So, what type a person are you? Do you care enough of your surroundings? Or just simply ignorant. I don't write to blame, some people are born in certain way and what makes them who they are today (the personalities, attitudes, how we eat, and all) simply influenced by their environment and society. It's our own will who could change who we are. Most of us would say, hey people can't change. It's in our blood and bla bla. For me, if we want to, we could. It depends on YOU!

Nuff said. I wanna talk about these simple words, THANK YOU!
Maybe it sounded simple, even some of us underestimated it. But for me, those words are HUGE. it could bring a smile to a person, make today a better day. And i think nothing more precious than making someone's day a better day. My other question is, have you thanked enough?

To be thankful, for starts, is important. It makes our burdens lighter. Try it! It's hard, but give it a shot. No money could buy happiness. But once you know how to be greatfull, then you are one step closer to HAPPY. Just give it a shot,it won't hurt you, anyway. From being thankful (to God, to ourself), then we go further to thanked others.

I'm quiet a bitchy person. Far from greatfull, and complains a lot. But lately, i realized it and those attitudes of mine are starting to bother me. So i'm trying to be a better person here, haha, at least tried to. Better late than never, my friends.

But, one thing that i'm proud of about myself (well, i didn't noticed it at first, thanks to my husband for that), is that i always say thank you for people who've helped me. No matter how big or small. My hubby said that is so nice and he decided to follow me, and say thank yous as much. And he sez it's so worth it. The smile they give to you from a token of appreciation, just precious. It totally made their day. Especially those with hard jobs, like night watch, elevator staff, house assistants, cleaning services, hotel housekeepers, etc. We are nothing without them. Our thank you maybe seem simple, but when you mean it, it means A LOT!

Simple thank you note!

I have a son now, and i wish i could teach him this nice attitude as soon as possible. It just make a world a better place. With a smile here and there. Make other feels appreciated. Just simply be nice, and thanked enough.

I'm still struggling myself. Let's struggle together. Put smile to others and to ourself. Appreciate others like we wanted to be appreciated. Do to others however we wanted to be treated.

Think about it!

Thank you for reading, guys! ^_^


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