March 03, 2014


Dear readers..

As a girl, we always have a dream to become a princess one day. Known as a super tomboy girl growing up, i also shared the same dream (believe it or not), that one day i'd walk on those runways wearing fabulous crown. But what's stopping me? Hmm.. my short legs does (and fat belly, i think). Sobbed! But, i've made peace with the way i am and respected it. maybe i could change the world in other ways. As blogger or influencial writer, maybe? We'll see.

Anyway, since i was a little kid, i watched pageant shows each and every year. No matter how late it aired on tv. It excites me to see women (smart ones) gathered together from all over the world and compete to win the fancy title. I love to see their wardrobes, makeup, hair dos etc. Most of all, i'm thrilled to see the way they answered the judges' questions. From that moment, we could just see how smart they are, not just outer beauty. Well, for years i just saw it on tv. But this year is different. Sariayu kindly invited me to come to Miss Indonesia Pageant Final 2014. Without any hesitation, i said YES! As we all know, for all these years, Sariayu is the official makeup and hairdo sponsor. So i'm honored to be invited to this huge event. Yay!

Here some pics. Enjoy!

The Finalist

 The Crowning

The proud winner : 
Maria Asteria Sastrayu Rahajeng from West Sulawesi

She will represent Indonesia on the next Miss World Pageant in London. 

Miss Indonesia 2014 ( Miss World Indonesia) West Sulawesi - Maria Asteria Sastrayu Rahajeng 


1st runner-up West Papua - Ellen Rachel Aragay 


2nd runner-up East Java - Hanna Sugialam


(Left to Right)

1. Ferry Salim (UNICEF National Ambassador for Indonesia)

2. Wulan Tilaar (Vice Chairwoman of Martha Tilaar Group)

3. Liliana Tanoesoedibjo (Chairwoman of Miss Indonesia)  

4. Priyo Oktaviano (Designer)

5. Inesh Putri Tjiptadi Chandra (Miss Indonesia 2012 )

Martha Tilaar

She looked so beautiful with that Kebaya.

Martha Tilaar & Brian Tilaar with Miss Indonesia 2013, Vania Larissa and Miss World 2013, Megan Young.

And then our turn, please! Haha.

(with flash)

Using eyeshadow from Sariayu trend warna 2014 Borneo.

no flash

with awesome momma wannabe, mei Pygmalionland. woohoo!

Thank you so much Sariayu for this great opportunity. I'm really greatful and hope to see you again on next year's Miss Indonesia Pageant.



  1. Cantik banget putri Indonesianya. Dapet goodie bag sariayu? dapet apa aja Han?

    1. Hi Bebe.. dapet lipstick ma hijab shampoo nih.. ^_^