February 17, 2014

Oscar Blandi Jasmine PROTEIN MIST Introduction Event..

Heyy readers..

Ok so last Saturday, i was invited by Oscar Blandi Indonesia to attend their event (hair workshop and product introduction) at Plaza Senayan.. well, usually, we just saw the demo and that's it.. so for having a hair workshop to educate beauty bloggers on how to style our hair in daily basis, i said kudos to Oscar Blandi Indonesia team to come up with such an interesting ideas..

So the star of the event is the Jasmine Protein Mist.. at first, i thought it was just an ordinary leave on conditioner, but it claimed that it could re-style your hair in a snap.. hmm?! Really? From curl to straight?


First let's check out the product's descriptions from Oscar Blandi official website below..

Jasmine Protein Mist prepares hair with a moisture balance before application of other styling aids.


Increases hair’s flexibility to prevent over-drying and breakage when restyling..

Improves wet and dry combing

Provides humidity resistance

Protects hair from heat styling

Reduces static and fly-aways..

Jasmine & Lavender essential oils provide a sensual, intoxicating, relaxing scent


1. Soy & Wheat Proteins :  condition, strengthen & protect..

2. Jasmine Extracts : smooth & calm cuticle..

3. Aloe Vera : moisturizes, soothes and helps repair damaged hair..

4. Geranium : moisturizes & enhances shine..

5. Antioxidant Green Tea : protects..


1. When restyling, lightly mist to dry sections before blow drying.

2. On damp hair, spray to detangle or provide moisture prep prior to application of any
styling aid.

(Source : www.oscarblandi.com)


Now, let's check out the demo with ms.Dhanty (PR of Oscar Blandi Indonesia as the model).. They invited the hair instructor from Puspita Martha beauty school, mr. Tony.. he did the demo and be our mentor of the day.. (woo hooo!!)

As you guys could see, first he made a super cool curls towards Dhanty's hair.. using only flat iron, he patiently roll each sections of the hair.. but before, he use the volumizing spray and heat protectant to cover the hair from any damage caused from the styling tool and also to give extra moisture plus shine..

Oh no! After all the hard work, then he had to re-style the hair into sleek straight again, to prove the greatness of the Protein Mist.. gosh!! So at first, he sprayed the product evenly towards the curls, make sure it wasn't too wet (if so, just blow dry a little).. then using the flat iron, he started to re-straighten Dhanty's hair.. and only just few minutes after, here's the result....

Wow! Amazing.. i just couldn't believe what i just saw.. and if you were there, you could feel that the hair is so soft, like nothing ever happened.. like it was never curled somehow.. haha! I'm amazed..

So after the jaw dropping demo, then the workshop started.. and after struggled with my hair skill (that's questionable), i finally got it right (kinda) and here's some pics taken...

Me & Iva, before!!

Products used!!

And after.. so cool!!

Fun fun!!

With Iva and Feegy..

Thank you for inviting me.. too bad i didn't get the full size product so i couldn't tried it properly on myself and gave a full review.. but that was a blast meeting and i enjoyed it..

See you soon on the next post..



  1. asikkkk fotoku banyak di sini *narsis*, oiya jd lupa mau ngasihin foto rame2, ku line ya ciii hahaha :3