December 16, 2013


Haiii haiii.. Event report again.. after longggg longggg hiatus from blogger events (momma's duty), on 5th December 2013, i was invited to attend the launch of Sariayu Trend Warna 2014 that was held in JCC, Senayan.. i wouldn't miss it in any way!!

The event itself was held along with Bazaar Fantasirkus Fashion Show.. so as you can tell by the theme, the venue were decorated with all circus stuff..

The red carpet

 The ticket..

See!? They even put a mini merry go round inside the lounge.. how cool!! And me and fellow bloggers would never missed a chance to strike a pose in each and every awesome corners.. haha..

FELLOW BLOGGERS!! We sure had so much fun that nite.. 

..three pics above are from Feegy-MusesWonderland..

This is a top light at the lounge.. so elegant-carnaval like.. i really-really love the decor.. so elegant and glamorous.. i met Aida Nurmala there, she might be the EO of this fab event.. :) 

Ok.. after strolling around enjoying the lounge, we move on to the main event.. inside JCC building (you know the ones always use for university graduation or even concert) were already transformed into circus arena.. with awesome lighting and great sounds, this event was surely well-prepared..

So, then the show began... It started with a traditional dance with the dancers who wore lovely traditional costumes and played music instruments from Borneo, that's when i knew that this must be the launch of Sariayu Trend Warna 2014.. each year they come up with different dramatic ideas, makeup, choreography etc.. amazing!!

pics from Cmeythasari

Fun faq :
Borneo is the third largest island in the world with this huge areas of rainforest that made this island as one of the world's lung (as O2 source of the world).. those facts made Sariayu took inspiration, besides of the richness of Borneo's nature and cultures that's so mesmerizing, to make Borneo became the theme for 2014 makeup color trend for the second time.. (the first one was in 1997- TREND WARNA MISTERI DAYAK)..

There are not just two, but three variant of eyeshadows that Sariayu launches for 2014 color trend..

BORNEO 1.. this was inspired by the color of very rare orchids that was found only in Borneo by The National Herbarium of Netherlands at Leiden University, called Coelogynae marthae S.E.C Sierra or Marthae Orchids.. (just like mrs. Martha tilaars name, rite!! What a sweet coincidence).. the colors of this eyeshadow set are yellowish-green, orange and purple..

BORNEO 2.. Inspired by Borneo's traditional beads called Banuaka that use in many accessories special made in Borneo.. this one has bright colors like electric blue, yellow and pink.. very cool!!

BORNEO 3.. This was inspired by Tikar Bidai.. a handmade traditional rattan carpet authentic from Borneo that's made by suku Dayak from Jagoi Babang.. the colors are more natural and earthy.. just like a rattan wood.. consists of black, dark brown and soft frosty creme shadows..

Besides the eyeshadows, there are also four trendy color lipsticks with a very nice bubble gum scent.. the consistency are so soft and moisten your lips instantly.. and don't forget the Marshmallow Blush-on, with chewy consistency just like the name.. this product is so unique and again very cute..

Last but not least, this year's trend completed with their new foundation mousse that i'd be very very intrigued to try.. this is a first breakthrough for Sariayu and they surely got me anxious to find out.. got two different shades that' suitable for asian skin (light and natural)..

Ok back again to the show.. so after the grand opening, the fashion show began.. it's from Ronald V Gaghana and my fave Sebastian Gunawan.. but too bad i have to come home early due to the crankiness of my highness, baby Clav.. sobbed!! So i left before i could even watch the fashion show.. sigh!! But here's the sneak peak, courtesy pics are from Cmeythasari.. mmuahhh sista!! ^^



There were also music performances by Armand Maulana, B3 and Titi DJ.. all the audience were surely entertained that evening..

Argh!!! Too bad i didn't see it all.. but my sadness turned into big smile when i saw what's on my goody bag from Sariayu.. thank you for inviting me!!! Hope to see you again next year with yet another fabulous color trends!!!

YUMMY!!! ^_^

Thanks again Sariayu for having us.. we surely had a wonderful time.. :)


ps : some of the pics of me with other bloggers are from Feegy's camera.. thank you, doll!!! i accidently watermaked it.. my bad!!

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