December 09, 2013

JAPAN SOFTLENS : Ageha Lunatia in AQUA..

Helooo dearie readers..

Today i'm gonna review a great softlens from Japan Softlens called Ageha Lunatia.. this product is made from Japan and they're the only original seller in Indonesia.. They've claimed that their lenses are very comfortable and you even doesn't have to put any lens drop for a whole day (approximately 10 hours).. isn't that great or what..

Actually that's a good news for me.. i'm a softlens users ever since high school.. i rejected the usage of glasses simply because it's not practical at all.. i was part of the basketball team and all, and glasses was not an option for me.. besides, i'm a clumsy person, i'd left my glasses everywhere and lost it immediately.. (-_-") sorry mum!!

So here we go...

This' the packaging.. attractive shocking pink completed with the lens case.. i chose the ageha lunatia aqua since i never wore any blue contacts before and i wanna give it a shot.. 

i used to play save with hazel or greys but now i wanna play it out of the box.. 
well who knew, rite..

there's also the manual about how to wear and store the lenses, but it's all in Japanese.. haha.. and they also gave a lipstick as a bonus too.. well, actually it's not a real lipstick.. it's a pen.. how cute.. :)

The back of the lens package.. got all the informations needes.. you can see that these lenses got diameter of 14.5mm.. so it'll make your iris look bigger and dramatic.. ohh i love that word.. and yes, i have eyes with minus 3.5.. sobbed!! Wish i could do a lasik one day and get those troubles over with..

This' how the lenses looked like facing down and upwards.. see the details?? I really really cannot wait to put 'em on..

Let's get started....

This' half eye.. wow you can see the difference.. soooo dramatic, rite?? 
You have to see the next pics to be intrigued.. 
get ready!!

WOOT WOOT!!! Gosh.. i love it.. Some of my friends warned me about how the blue lenses would make you look weird and all.. but blah with them.. this absolutely made my makeup looked even more awesome.. the lenses complimented the eye look, definitely.. and i even didn't wear any fake lashes.. it's soooo great!!

i was wearing those lenses all day for about 12 hours.. from 9 am to 9 pm and felt no discomfort whatsoever.. i have a very sensitive eye, and i'm use to red eye, dry ness, itches and even swollen while using other colored soft lenses, but this one i could surely bear..


will try the green one next maybe.. hah! Another rule breaking.. hey, you only live once.. make it to the fullest and take risks, shall we?!

Those lenses have a 6 months life span.. and a pretty reasonable price.. for those comfort ness, i'd pay for more.. :)

For shopping this awesome lenses, just visit :

Or simply click on the right side banner.. ^^



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CHERIOS!!! xoxo..


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  2. @Chu Ramel iyaa.. ga sangka bisa pakai soft lens warna biru.. ^^ thank you for the compliment!!

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