November 03, 2013


Dear readers.. So last week i've got this package from Cow Brand.. it's one of their products, the Bouncia Liquid Soap.. this soap is so rich in moisturiser and the foam are so thick and soft.. you could feel the softness instantly at the first try..

Cow Brand is actually a well known for their beauty soaps in Japan and established for the first time in 1909.. they use this "Soap-Kettle Saponification Method" that uses more time and effort to make because the soap the were made using this method claimed to have more natural ingredients contained, so it's gentle and save for the skin.. well for me with ultra dry skin, a gentle yet moisturising products it's a must and who can doubt a quality of a Japan brands??

So using Cow Brand means live in Cow Style that signifies daily life with peace of mind through Cow Brand products and live based on Japan quality : EASE, SAFE & GOOD QUALITY and Japan taste : MATERIAL, SCENT & TEXTURE.. -- well i hope Indonesian products would do the same.. ^_^

The consistency is quiet thick.. reminds me of the goat milk's liquid body soaps.. and i love the way the foam thickens.. it feels so rich and luxurious and it doesn't have any weird strong scent.. just a nice light scent that could make you happy and fresh.. talking about quality time with warm shower, huh?!

Thank you so much for Cow Brand for let me try the soap.. hope you maintain the quality of your products and make more awesome products..



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