October 10, 2013


Hi again!!! This post is about another fun event held by Sariayu, my favorite local cosmetics brand.. they invited all media network from fashion magazines, tv's and us beauty bloggers to celebrate their achievements and successful year..

 the venue..
love the vibe..

As we all know, this year's Miss World Pageant was held in Indonesia!! I'm so proud and thrilled about how cool our country must looked internationally..even the host sez that Indonesia is a country with the nicest people in the world... ahhh!!! Oh, and in that event, Sariayu is the main sponsor for 129 finalists' makeup and hair do.. about 60 makeup artists were working their asses off to make it perfect!!

There were also DR. Martha Tilaar.. my idol.. she told us about her achievement and how her hard work for those many years had paid off.. with her motto, LOCAL WISDOM GO GLOBAL, she's definitely one of Indonesian hero that could empowered local business especially women to become a successful and independent entrepreneurs..

To celebrate this special moment, Sariayu Martha Tilaar launched BEAUTY BOX LIMITED EDITION - BEAUTY ACROSS THE CONTINENT.. this beauty box contains Eye Kit, Lip Kit and Shimmering Powder that was inspired by the variety of women's skin colors across five continents in the world : ASIA, AUSTRALIA, EROPA, AFRICA and AMERICA.. and we whose invited to the event got a chance to received it exclusively before the public launch.. yipeee!!

Here it is... envy??? Haha..

Models with 3 different skin colors and types using only 1 simple kit.. 

Another grand achievement is that Sariayu Martha Tilaar supported Ghea Panggabean's fashion show in Milan and Rome that was themed : TREASURED INDONESIA - A JOURNEY INTO INDONESIA FASHION, ART and CULTURE.. With Mr. Yudin as a maestro professional makeup artist with teams, responsible in makeup and hair do during the show..

 Dr. Martha Tilaar and Mr. Yudin

 Dr. Martha Tilaar with Ghea Panggabean

Last but not the least important is, Dr. Martha Tilaar showed at the Leader Summit UN Global Compact as a speaker.. this event is held every 3 years attended by more than 1000 participants (CEOs) from 100 countries.. with her commitment to "Giving Back To Society", she keep on going to make a change to the society such as :

1. Developed the company..

2. Developed the global concerns such as weather, clean water, food, women empowerment, human rights, children's rights, better job and proper education..

She's amazing isn't she.. so inspiring..

Ohh, on that summit, she talks about how to make a world the better place with "Architects Of A Better World" and she got a chance to share her experience on the side event , "Empowering Woman To Led The Way to Low-Emission and High Resilient Future" dan UN Private Sector Forum : Africa with a Women Empowerment as the topic..

And that's not all Indonesia Global Compact Network and PT. Martina Berto in this opportunity also have a chance to made a commitment in Business For Peace initiative that was launched on September 19th 2013..

Gosh!! How did she does all that?? I mean passion made success is surely never tiring.. you just have extra energy for anything you love.. and for her, her passion is sincere, to make Indonesia go global with women empowerment.. and she's towards success.. Bravo!!

 family pics..

there are also Fira Basuki, Editor in Chief from Cosmopolitan Magazine there.. love her look.. talked to her a little and she's very nice..

And now it's time for our photos!!

With Dr. Martha Tilaar, Ghea Panggabean and lovely fellow bloggers..

Us with the goody bags..

Well, one picture is never enough.. haha..

At the end of the event, they gave us potted plants to take home.. not just ordinary plants, but an herbal ones.. so useful and also support the green living!! Appreciated this.. 

That's it for now.. hope this is an inspiring post for you.. and here's what's on our fab goody bag.. Love it!!!! ^_^