October 12, 2013



This is the second part of my MAKARIZO T1 PURE SYSTEM review.. and it's time for the Vitamins Duo Spray.. it's a daily self treatment to complete your whole daily treatment made it perfect and healthy again.. ^_^

This product contained Silk Protein Extract that's worked effectively in two layers of your hair..

1. Upper layer vitamins : contain ceramides, works as a hair protector towards harmful environment..

2. Second layer vitamins : soften, moisturise and nourishes hair..

The combination of these two vitamins, coordination between water and vitamin B5, functioned to :

1. Restore the elasticity, shine and your hair natural's health..

2. Helps fix the hair's cuticles from the outside and also nourishes from the inside..

3. Made your hair easier to comb / manage..

after washing hair with shampoo and conditioner, spray onto hair before blow drying..
it also can be very useful for very damage hair..


got silicone in it.. but hey, you need it for smooth finish.. but be careful with those with hypersensitivity towards it, okay!

sorry the pic's kinda blurry.. but you got it, rite??

i've been using it for like 10 days now and i think it's quiet effective as a heat protector.. i blow dried my hair a lot and it became more and more frizzy each time.. with this product, i could have a nice textured hair but also it's not sticky.. so it worked like a leave-on conditioner or serum, but with no sticky-sticky stuff.. haha.. oh and i love the fresh scent too..

i think this hair product range is very suitable for my hair type and i'd definitely gonna repurchase..

thanks MAKARIZO T1 for introduced me with these products.. really helped me a lot.. so besides your weekly treatment range which i use since longgg longgggg time, now i have your product as daily treatment as well.. yeayy to more healthy hair!! yippeee..



  1. ini salah satu produk rambut yang bkn rambut saya berkilau dan mudah di atur ;)

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