October 07, 2013

MAKARIZO T1 Techno Nature Treatment for Hair..

Dear readers.. I bet most of you are already familiar with this brand.. esp you who love to indulge yourself for hours in hair salon.. from rebonding, coloring to hair treatment, Makarizo is one of the best brand you can trust..

^_^ I've known them since high school.. that means ages ago.. haha.. i am that old, am i?? When i went to salon either to do simple hair treatment like creambath, or even extreme hair styling, rebonding or coloring, my hairstylist always use Makarizo as their go to brand.. the price is reasonable with a great result.. that's why i love it.. i even still use their at-home treatment as weekly treat to my precious hair..

And now i'm going to give a review about these three products, the T1 Techno Nature series.. they are made from natural ingredients that claimed to be able to protect the natural strength of your hair.. keep it save from pollutions, sun rays, even the heat from hair dryers, or any other hair styling techniques like rebonding or curling which we all know, uses many chemical ingredients.. hmmm all of those could definitely damage your hair..

This is the T1 PURE CARE SYSTEM.. 
Made for normal hair..


the consistency of this shampoo is light.. not sticky on my scalp and i can feel the instant freshness on my head.. but it also very kind on my hair ends.. 
wow, i gotta say, this baby is done more than i expected.. 

good job!!

with Marine Glycogen it has these several functions, such as :

1. Stimulates the growth of hair follicles..

2. To keep balancing the hair conditions and health so it become more radiant and beautiful..

3. Fix and return your hair structure back to normal..


the consistency is not very thick and also have a fresh scent.. kinda reminds me of Makarizo Aloe Hair Energy..
i use that product regularly.. ^^

this conditioner is very light and absorbed fast.. not sticky at all, so it's very easy to rinse and no more water wasted.. yeay!! GO GREEN!!

Contains Hydrolized Wheat Peptides that functioned :

1. To fix the hair structure so it won't break easily and to avoid split ends..

2. Actively protect and layered each and every bits of your hair..

3. Made your hair easy to comb..

4. End result is a volumized hair that's healthy and radiant as well..

my hair type is kinda confusing.. just like my face skin type.. argh!! i have a very oily scalp, meanwhile my hair ends are very dry.. so choosing the right shampoo is kinda bitchy for me.. one day, my scalp could become so oily that it couldn't handle any shampoo that contained silicone, but my dry hair ends couldn't stand the dry-ness of the non-silicone shampoo products.. jeez!!

with the light consistency yet not drying the hair ends, i would say this might be the right product for my confusing situation.. but i've only use it for few days (four to be exact) and so far i feel fine and ok.. no signs of rejection, no dandruff and so on.. so, i'm gonna continue using until it's done and will updated to you guys.. ^_^

ok that's my honest opinion about the MAKARIZO PURE CLEANSE.. it's light, i love the consistency and all.. about the Vitamins Duo Spray, i'll reported to you next week!!



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  1. gatel gak tuh foto di set seperti itu ?
    gue ngebayangin u sambil foto sambil ngomel cyiiin karena terik dan gatal

    1. enggak cinnn.. ga sampe tidur2an kok.. hihihi..