September 25, 2013


hi fabulous..

another local brand awesome-ness attack.. ^^

this year Sariayu launched this wonderful "kit" that's compact and made easy for you to wear.. the EYE MAKEUP KIT.. not only eyeshadow, this kit also completed with eye brow powder and eyeliner.. and not only that.. they also have several useful tools as well..

here you go...

look at this exotic packaging.. so Indonesia..

what's in it..

they got eye liner, eye shadow and eye brow powder..
there's also a mini tweezer and a brush.. ahh i love this kit..


powder eye liner

eye brow powder

the eyeshadow..

for me, i prefer using this only on the lid and bold them up with the eyeshadow.. then make it more sexier and smoked out with powder eyeliner..

easy peasy, only in one simple package..



BALD HEAD!!! :'(

i wish i was born with a natural thick brows..

no worries though.. anything is possible in makeup world.. all you need is creativity and a will to learn.. haha..

you probably already know about this trick about how to map your eyebrow so you won't make any mistake on drawing it..

1. make a straight line from outer nose upwards.. that will be your inner eye brow side.. since my nose is wider in the end, i make a line slightly inwards as you can see on pic on the left..

if i use my very outer nose, my eye brow would be too far apart and i will look stupid and sad.. haha..

2. make a diagonal line from the outer nose through your iris.. make sure you look straight when you do it.. this will define your eye brow arch.. be careful not to make it too high coz you might look angry and need a therapy.. for example, remember Deddy Corbuzier brow?? ^^

3. lastly, also from the outer nose, make another diagonal line through your outer eye.. like the pic on the right.. this step will define your outer brow part..

here's the sign i made from brow mapping before.. 
it make me easy to draw the whole eyebrow.. just follow the dots.. 

make sure you draw it slowly and use a soft movement.. 
don't do it too harsh since it would make a harsh line and looked fake..

i use the brush that's provided on the kit.. 
the brush's consistency is so right for brow drawing!!! 

if you have any harsh lines, soften it slightly.. so you won't remove it completely..

and AFTER!!

see.. just an eyebrow could make a difference to your look..

just remember, the thicker the brow the younger you look.. ^_^

that's it for now people.. hope you like this post and hope it's useful for you.. see ya on the next post..


XOXO.. ^^


  1. Nice post n tutorial.. Hehehehe
    Aku jg klo gmbr alis thick hehehehe XD

    1. thanks Erna.. alis ku super tipis n jarak nya jauuu bangettt.. jadi wajib gambar!! haha..

  2. ka Hanny~ aku alisnya setengah botak malah -__- jadi kayak pendekar shaolin alis ku huhuhu

    1. haha.. sengaja dicukur separuh ya? ak ga braniii.. ^^

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