September 05, 2013


Dear lovely readers..

Have trouble with dry skin especially on delicate areas like face, hands, feet or even lips?? You need to give this one a shot..

This "indie" product is made from Africa and it's pure shea butter.. with no fragrance at all, make it safe to wear, even on your lips..

Here it is....

 can you see the Ingredients?? no fragrance... yipeee!!!

and well because of the absence of fragrance, you will feel this funny smell, more like a wax.. yeahh well for organic un-fragrance natural product, this kinda smell is normal.. haha..

hey, as long as it safe!

Here's my hand before usage.. so dry and un flattering..

And after.. can you see the instant moisture effect on my skin.. leave it supple and dewy!!

 with flash..

I use it on my lips every night as well..

For information on prizes and how to order, check out BLISS COLLECTION FACEBOOK..

ok, that's it for now.. i hope you found this post useful since we have to be more aware about what we put on our skin.. so, less fragrance means less irritant = BEST FOR YOU!!!

XOXO.. ^_^

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