August 24, 2013


Dear Readers!! ^_^

I'm so excited coz today i wanna share you guys about a high end spa products.. ahhh how i loveee spa and what it does to me.. like a coffee to my sleepy mornings, went to spa made me such a better person.. haha.. i mean, less cranky and more poised!! Well, as my motto LOVE YOURSELF!! Went to spa definitely one of my way to express how i love me!!! It's never wrong to stop, take a breather and indulge yourself.. treat it good and it'd serve you well..

Especially now i'm a mom with a 3 months old baby boy who doesn't use any nanny nor help whatsoever.. how i missed the wonderful scent, the soft beds and towels of a spa place.. then got the best massages that could turn my eyeballs inside out.. sigh!! It's been a while..

Enough chit chat and now go straight to the point.. ^_^

So i was introduced to this Spa / Skin Care products called Pevonia Botanica Indonesia.. an exclusive ORGANIC skin care products that is offered in some prestigious spas in Indonesia.. their products are free of parabens, artificial colour and fragrance and you have no idea how important is that.. your skin need no harmful extras to be healthy and Pevonia provides that.. now with baby around, i became more concern about what i wear.. is it safe for the baby and stuff..

I have a combination-sensitive face and very dry-sensitive body skin.. so those fragrance, parabens, etc could be a very harmful thing to put on.. my skin would be red, dried out, flaky and the worst of all ITCHY!!! Gosh, i hate the itchhhh!!

Ms. Lola introduced me with this At-Home Products, and since we just met and she didn't know my skin type, she gave the Spa At-Home Essential Kit to tried on.. how thoughtful..

Here it is..

 Products : 

1. Silky Skin Body Scrub


I love scrubbing but sometimes the particles are wayy to rough and again i have a sensitive skin so it was unpleasant.. but this one is different, somehow it removes all the dead skin cells without leaving it red or itchy.. so this one surely pass my sensitivity detector.. haha..


wow.. the result was amazing!! instant smooth and more lighter skin.. this scrub sure remove the dull-ness away from my skin..

2. Bath Salts with Essential Oil Anti-Stress

just relax, take a nice deep bath with a slow music..
imagine the rest...

3. Anti-Stress Bath & Shower Gel

It feels like a common shower gel, but i love the smell.. the words Anti-Stress are not a joke here.. after hearing the baby screams and cries, all the breastfeeding drama, changing diapers and all other madness, it is nice to take a nice soapy shower with warm water to relieve all that tensions.. hahhhh!!! Zen!!

4. Preserve Body Moisturiser

Moisturiser is a very important step on my bathing routine.. if i forgot or got lazy a bit, my skin will dry out like crazy and itch like hell.. esp since i live in Jakarta which have a crazy hot weather, i spent most of my time indoor with air conditioner.. it dried my skin even more, make it more and more fragile.. here's when moisturiser became such an important aspect.. oh yeah, and I HATE STICKY LOTION!!! No matter how expensive it is, if it's sticky, then bubye.. this Preserve body lotion absorbed on my skin nicely and leave this silky-smooth feeling.. and also have a soft flowery scent that is so spa-typical.. yum yummm and yummmm!!

4. Lavender votive
To be honest i never bought any scented candle before.. and actually it feels nice to take a bath in a low light accompanied with a nice soft scented candle.. uu lalaa.. made my ordinary bathroom into this lovely spa nuance..

Benefits :

1. Removes impurities and rough skin
2. Activates blood circulation without harming fine capillaries
3. Relieves stress and fatigue
4. Mineralizes, rejuvenates, preserves the skin

Key Ingredients : 

1. Lavender – Decongesting, healing, soothing
2. Calendula – Desensitizing, moisturizing
3. Alpha Hydroxy Acids – Smoothing, hydrating
4. Rosemary – Rejuvenating, improves blood circulation
5. Ylang Ylang – Soothing, nourishing

Usage :

1. Massage the Silky Skin Body Scrub on wet skin, concentrating on the roughest skin areas (elbows, knees, heels), rinse thoroughly.

2. Add 1 to 2 scoops of the Bath Salts with Essential Oil Anti-Stress under running water. Water temperature should not exceed 98° F/37° C. Relax and let stress gently melt away.

3. Pour a small quantity of the Anti-Stress Bath & Shower Gel under running
water (water temperature should not exceed 98°F/37°C).

Relax for 10 minutes.

FOR SHOWER: pour this Gel on a damp washcloth or a damp sponge.

4. Apply the Preserve Body Moisturizer all over the body after shower, bath or at any time. Massage until absorbed.

5 Light the Lavender (known for its calming and soothing benefits) votive candle any time you yearn for de-stressing relaxation.


the price for this kit is IDR 1507000.00.. so if you're into high end skincare products and love to indulge yourself at home, this is a very nice product to have..

That's it for now.. thanks a lot, Lola for the hampers.. love to know more about Pevonia and maybe try the 'real' spa with Pevonia.. ahhh!! Can't hardly wait.. see ya on the next post...

 Me and Mei with the awesome Hampers.. 

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