August 23, 2013

Featured On CLEO MAGZ!! (June Edition) Best Experience Ever!!

So excited coz finally i'm able to post this blog after longgg delay..

Okay, so last april, i was invited by lovely ms. Putri from Cleo Magazine to recreate a runway look to be featured on June's edition.. without a doubt, i said yes.. ad yeah, i was 7th month pregnant.. haha.. well never let your belly get in da way, right?!?! LOL!!

Anyway, i wasn't alone.. Chell from Polish Wonderland also with me with the eye makeup challenge.. there were also Medina from Everything That Love Handles with Lip Color challenge and Stephanie from Nail art Overdose with, of course, nail art challenge.. so thrilled to met all of them, we surely have a good time.. ^_^

Ok so here's the look i have to recreate..

 G. Ferre SS 2013
makeup inspired..

Please noted that i have a complete different features from the skinny yummy model.. ^_^ .. i'm trying my best to recreate it..
Here's the article..pardon my fat cheeks.. in my defense, i was pregnant.. haha..


 sneak through page 148


Behind the scene pics!!!

 you have no idea how nervous i was back then..

 the HALF eye result!!


Ok that's all folks.. so proud and honored to be featured in Cleo.. hope we could collaborate more in the future.. love lovee loveeee!!!




  1. Wah ci Hanny cantik banget..
    Oh ya..pake eyeshadow merk apa ci??

    1. makasiii.. ak pake bbrp merk. rata2 drugstore kok.. nanti d ku buat tutorialnya.. hihi..

  2. Keren Lho mbak !!
    Kagum dueghhh ~~~~