July 18, 2013


Hellow folks..

Today is fab eye makeup look time.. ^_^

My dear Astrid from House of Makeup kindly send me fabulous liquid liner from NYX called Glam Aqua Liner in Glam Platinum (the silver one).. i love NYX brand because it has good quality but also have a very reasonable price.. i bet you're an NYX fan as well..
here's the swatches..

I did several looks with this product.. the silver attack inspired me to made runway inspired look.. but i also made a everyday look that's simple but easily glamified with silver liner.. ohh man i made a new word again am i?? Glamified.. what the....???
Ok, first the everyday look..

 so this is the eye look before putting on the glam liner..

 here i wanna show you the different effect when you put the liner on top or lower lash line..

on top!!

on lower lash line..

As you can see, i showed you two different way to use this silver liner on daily basis.. you can use it on upper or lower lash line with a total different effect towards your eyes, but don't do both..if i may suggest, if you don't have sensitive eyes, you better use it on lower lash line and do not forget the inner corner of your eyes.. it instantly waken your eyes and bye bye sleepy face!! LOL..

remember, it's an everyday look.. i'll show you the dramatic runway look next, don't worry..

Now, for the dramatic look.. let's start..

 This is the "before" bare face..

1. Don't forget to put on eye shadow base then draw your eyes with a black pencil eyeliner..
Blend it well..

 This is what we have so far..

2. Use silvery cream eyeshadow base as a base on the whole eyelid area all the way to the inner corner..

 like this..

3. Set the black pencil liner area with black eyeshadow..

 Blend blend blend.. 
 we do want a smooth edge, don't we..

 4. To set the drama to the next level, use the NYX glam aqua luxe liner on top of the silvery base.. and remember, it's a liquid liner so make sure it's completely dried before you open your eyes completely.. you don't want the residue ruin your smokey eye makeup, right???

5. For the lower eye line, i use the pencil liner again then smudge and set it with black eyeshadow..

6. I gave a little gap to put the NYX glam liner on lower lash line..

 Voilaaa.. end result!! Kaboommmm..........

 o dear.. do i look angry on this pic.. sorry.. ^^

 yep!! runway ready peopleeee..

And i gave more twist with dramatic lashes... woohoooo!!

Ok.. that was fun.. but don't forget i'm still a new mom who breastfeed her child.. so in the middle of making the look, i got lots of angry interruptions by my lord, baby clav.. he's hungry easily.. lol..

 oopssieee!! ^_^

Hope you like the look and try it.. any questions?? Just ask..

Love yaa!!


for more info on how to order and price list.. yes, people, they have full price list on pre-order makeup products right there.. so check out their FACEBOOK PAGE..or simply click the banner on the right side on my blog.. ^_^

you can also contact them on :

Phone -- 08179369610
BB Pin -- 25f357e1

House Of Makeup is an online store based in Surabaya and they sell lot's of makeup and skin care products from Korean Brands, US Brands, you name it.. the staff also friendly so it's a plus plus for me.. ^_^

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