July 13, 2013


Dear readers..

Hellow againnn.. ^_^

Today i wanna share to you guys who's expecting a baby or gift inspiration for your preggo friends.. it's the Sariayu Paket Habis Bersalin (post partum package)..

 This product came with a handy and compact package and has 6 products plus a corset..

As you can see from the pic above.. from left to right :

1. Tapel Cream..

This is use to help relieve pains after childbirth and reduce wrinkles on abdominal skin after child birth..

How to use :
You just have to rub it all over your stomach area and then use a corset to help the firming process faster.. and they already included the corset in the package.. see?! How thoughtful..

I use it after morning bath and you can feel an instant warm feeling inside but cool on the outside, and it absorbs quickly onto your skin.. i love it.. jakarta is super hot from day one i gave birth, and i could stand using this everyday.. try it for yourself and you'd see what i mean..

I got c-section and it left me this flappy/flabby abs skin.. yucky!! But after using this tapel cream for 40 days i could feel the difference.. the flabby skin reduced and my abs felt more intact right now.. haha.. fyi, flabby skin on my abs is not fat, it usually occurred after birth.. when all of sudden you take out the baby from your belly, you could imagine how flabby your abs would be, right?? The fat however, lays underneath those skin.. it sucks!! Lol..

 2. Param Cream..

This is use to relieve muscle pain after birth.. more like massage cream.. it improves blood circulation so all the sore muscle etc immediately relieved..

How to use :
Rub all over your body whenever it feels sore or painful..

This cream has the same feeling like the tapel one.. warm inside but kinda cool outside.. the warm is more intense though since it's use for muscle sore treatment.. thank god i have a great husband who's willing to massage me anytime i asked.. because after giving birth, you lost everything.. i mean it.. everything.. your body's defence all dropped into the ground!! And your body also swollen esp on your feet..So massage is one of the important thing to do after birth.. gosh!!

3. Pilis Cream..

Ha! This one.. use to help reduce headache and also stimulate blood circulation..

How to use :
Apply on forehead above your eyes.. massage slowly..

I love parem and pilis more than any other balms sold out there on the market.. because it feels so good and also gives moisturizing effect as well.. so it's a plus plus.. help reduce my swollen feet..

4. Post Partum Caplets - part 1
Consists of herbal extracts, all natural.. use to helps maintain mom's health after child birth.. it's a herbal supplement, with no chemical whatsoever.. ^_^

How to use :
1 caplet each, drink it twice a day.. and drink it for 17 consecutive days.. from day 4th till day 21st..

5. Post Partum Caplets - part 2

This is use also to keep maintain health and also help induce the secretion of breastmilk..

How to use :
1 caplet, twice a day for 20 consecutive days.. from day 21st to 40th..

6. Telon Oil..

Well isn't this cute.. the package also completed with a mini bottle of telon for the baby.. with a great smell, this oil is use to warms up the baby's body.. i use it for massaging my baby as well and he loves it!!

Oh man!! This package is a bomb.. magnificent!!

if you're come from Indonesian family esp. ones whose family are familiar with traditional herbs, you'd probably already knew about param, pilis, tapel etc.. those are common traditional infusion made specially for post partum treatment and Sariayu made it so compact and simple with lotion form which is non-sticky and absorbs quickly but with the same effects.. so practical..

And yeah, please do consider to also give gifts to the mothers other than the baby only.. do not forget, moms are the one who fought so hard with their life on the line to gave birth to the baby anyway.. so gave us credits.. ^_^

Ok that's it for now.. hope you like my post.. and i would like to give a standing applause to Martha Tilaar's Sari Ayu for inventing this smart package.. i love it and recommended for you!!

Whats not to love?!?!


PS : this is me and my son, baby Clav..

he's our precious treasure.. for him i would give my best..



  1. congratz buat kelahirat anaknya :D
    wah lumayan nih buat cici ak yg lagi hamil dan bentar lagi mau melahirkan,mau tanya itu jamunya aman dikonsumsi kah? bakal ngaruh ke kualitas ASI gk ?

    semoga anaknya tumbuh jadi anak yg sehat dan pintar ^_^

    1. Thanks yaa natnat.. aman kok, isinya herbal yg tujuannya ningkatin daya tahan mommies.. more like herbal supplement.. bagus kok.. even good for breast milk coz healthier the mom,means the breastmilk quality improved..

    2. wew, boleh juga nih... mending minum jamu yak..dari bahan herbal dan lebih sehat.. :)

  2. klo aku pake jamu habis bersalin nyonya meneer, ribet param, tapel & pilis nya harus diencerin dl pake air. taw gtu aku beli sariayu aja yah, tinggal diolesin ..

    1. Waaa.. da brp bln baby nya?? Iya ino lbh praktisss.. ^__^

    2. baby ku baru 2bln :D tar anak ke-2 deh aq pake jamu sariayu, hehe ..

    3. Ahhh.. baby ku 1 stgh bulannn. Hihi. Sama2 teler donk kita.. ^_^

    4. wah, selamat yak,semoga baby nya sehat trus ;D

    5. semoga bayi dan juga ibunya sehat semua yak.. lebih baik minum minuman herbal daripada obat yang tidak jelas bahannya.. :(

  3. Walaah baru tau...kmrn juga dibeliin yg nyonya meneer sama mertua... Ribet pakenya akhirnya patah semangat ga pake....

    1. Baby nya uda brp umurnya?? Iya klo msti ngaduk dl malesss.. urus babu aja da remping n sempet racik2.. mknya i rekomen this one.. hihi..

    2. Yuhuuu da gedeee.. cw/cowo?? Da besar another challenge ya bok.. ^^

  4. kalau kakakku dulu, mending milih minum jamu soal.e takut ada efek sampingnya kalau minum bahan buatan pabrik..

  5. Sebenarnya jamu juga ada efek sampingnnya mbak.. sejenis kanker karena pengendapan jamu di usus

  6. Hi ill be going through c sect as well, can we take the tablets from day 4? Or have to wait for 2 weeks?

  7. Hi ill be going through c sect as well, can we take the tablets from day 4? Or have to wait for 2 weeks?