July 31, 2013

Biotherm Gathering Event..

Helloww again..

So last Saturday i was attending this spc event by Biotherm.. their not launching any new products though, they were just wanna have a simple gathering with 5 bloggers to introduced their products and explain thoroughly all about Biotherm.. for a gal who's never tried any of their products before, that was quiet informational.. ^_^

This was actually my 1st event after having baby Clav.. since he's still 2 months old and breastfeed, i brought him along with his nanny og the day a.k.a the dad.. LoL!!.. and Carnellin told me i was allowed to brought my baby and husband to join the event as well.. haha.. how thoughtful.. well, that's why i came at the first place.. ^_^

After the introduction and get to know more about Biotherm, i got a chance to try all of their products.. but, i couldn't take my eyes from their bb or cc creams that's so hype right now.. they don't even release the cc creams yet at the moment.. so, i got the first try.. i just wish they gave us the cc creams to tried on though..

BB cream and Face Base..

 CC Creams..

And u la la.. Biotherm also treated us with a facial treatments.. wow after two months taking care of baby 24/7, this sure was fun!! Thanks for that.. i came out refreshed and happy.. 


And these are the goodies.. filled with samples of their AQUA SOURCE range..


Ok that's it for now.. cannot wait for another breakthrough from Biotherm.. and see you soon!!!


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