June 30, 2013

SPONSORED -- NYX "The Curve" -- the ergonomic way to line your fab eyes!!

Dear readers..

Long time no blog.. sorry guys, mommy duty calling.. about a month ago i gave birth to a son named Vaclav.. we called him baby Clav.. super adorable baby (when he's sleeping nice and quiet.. LOL!)..


Today i wanna talk about this new item.. not actually new though but new to me.. haha.. it's NYX "The Curve" felt tip eyeliner, sponsored by House Of Makeup.. i'm so glad they sent me this since i wanna try it so bad like crazy.. well, i couldn't live without eyeliner ^_^..

The Curve comes with incredible ergonomic handle, even you, who's new to makeup world could enjoy the long lasting fiesta of liquid eyeliner..

i love the black mysterious package.. more like a gadget to me.. ^^

 with ergonomic shape..

see?? the design made me feel like i'm a mod cop or something.. vintage yet modern.. like a spy gun or something.. haha..

how to hold the pen..

As we all know, liquid liner is the most long lasting and smudge proof kind of eyeliner.. better than pencil even gel.. but how to apply it could be tricky.. you need to have steady hand and precise brush.. and you have to work it in one stroke.. once you failed, you'd ruined your whole eye makeup and it's never a fun way to start a day.. :'(

This product made using liquid liner a piece of cake.. if you're a clumsy chic like me or you're just super busy that you don't have enough time to be precise, this baby is awesome!!! With a spc handle to hold your point finger in the unique way so your hand won't shake.. you don't have to put your elbow on the desk anymore.. yipeeeee....


 The other thing i like is the felt tip.. it looked like a black marker.. but could give you precise line.. so if you want a very thin line for natural look or wanna make it more dramatic with thicker line, the felt tip made it super simple and easy..

 before pic..

sorry for the pale and non-makeup face.. i really2 wanna show you the eyeliner effect on my eye only and also because of the new born ehemmm.. sleep deprive attack!!!

here's how you hold the pen..

how to use..
i always started at the middle eye forwards or backwards..
and since i have a very small eyes.. winged eyeliner style is a must..


dramatic and bold black.. yeahhhh!!!

winged eyeliner look..

after abut 5 hours of using and i rubbed my eyes few times by accident.. haha..
the longevity is fine and enough for me..

Bottom line is, i LOVE this product.. recommended for clumsy hands or even for the expert to save time and really2 less effort to make perfect eye liner everyday..

that's it for now.. hope you like my post... and here's baby CLAV!!! heyy everyoneeee....
(as you can see i waited till he's asleep to make this look..) ^^

ok.. another photo of narcissistic mommey.. LOL!!
pls don't throw up on me.. ^_^

for more info on how to order and price list.. yes, people, they have full price list on pre-order makeup products right there.. so check out their FACEBOOK PAGE..or simply click the banner on the right side on my blog.. ^_^

you can also contact them on :

Phone -- 08179369610
BB Pin -- 25f357e1

House Of Makeup is an online store based in Surabaya and they sell lot's of makeup and skin care products from Korean Brands, US Brands, you name it.. the staff also friendly so it's a plus plus for me.. ^_^


  1. wahhhhhhhhhh.... jadi teracuni yakkk... anyway congratz for the new born! welcome to mommasexyhood lol...

    1. thanks a lot sanny.. ^^ iyaa bagus bgt inihhh.. love love loveeee..

  2. wuuiih
    selamat ya mbak dah jadi mommy sekarang ^^
    nih e/l emang lagi ngehits yah ? jadi penegen nyoba deh >_<