May 18, 2013

Victoria Makeup Atelier Grand Opening and Birthday Celebration!!

hi dear readers..

today i have a special event post of one of my friend Clerence Victoria.. she's a professional makeup artist whose already successful at very young age.. she also have this makeup school and already teached about 700 students so far.. and guess what, she's only 21.. *slap in the face..

she studied overboard.. from Asia, Europe and comin' up USA.. woowww, surely i wanna be one of her student.. well maybe some other time when my baby are bit bigger.. amen to that..

well, back to the event.. she invited me and my fellow beauty bloggers, Fweegy, Jesslyn and Leonita.. plus Grace (she looked a lot like Sabria, you know the celeb) LOL!!.. and Felicia from Felize Nail Art also in da house, people!! so much fun..

 her new makeup atelier and school..


and before the event started, she asked us to come by earlier to gave us a FREE MAKEOVER.. HOLLAAAAA!! such a fun day..

Cler did makeover on Feliz first..

 and me.. happy momma got makeover.. she used high end foundations on me, false lashes and everything.. ^^
pampered already..

after pic.. AWESOMEEE!!!

 feliz got all out and have her hair curled..
party ready for sure!!

 Fweegy and Jesslyn, waiting list.. LOL!!

there were less than 10 girls there but believe me, it felt like 1000.. can you imagine the noise?? we ARE loud chicas..

we were talking about things we love the most.. BEAUTY AND MAKEUP!! ^_^

this time is Fweggy's turn.. she got her makeover did by Cler's friend/student/assistant, Novi.. 
she have fab brows..

and here's the after..
gorgeous BROWS!! seeeeee....

Cler's makeup trunk..filled with amazing products..

some of the pic i stole from lovely fweegy..
well when girls were in the same room together full of makeup, good lights and huge mirrors, can you imagine the CHAOS?!

and the event begun..
she had fab birthday cakes.. ahh such a pretty ones.. i should made one for my own birthday this July..
can i bake?? off course.. i'm an excellent baker.. ^^

Clerence Victoria..
and the other cake!!

her whole family..
i bet everyone would be proud to have daughter/sister like her..

after all the prayers and graces, then the partayy begun.. and off course, live without any cam-whoring activities is definitely a DULL..

pic taken from my Instagram
add me : @hanny_only ^^

our rame2 pics from Nicole's cam.. ^^

 the whole gang..
Cler and her Students..

they're very close and just bonds like a family there.. ahh total envy..

that's it from me.. such a blast day hangin' out with girls and all the FAB MAKEUP..

happy birthday again, Cler.. success surrounds you and so the love from God.. amenn!!

for more info about her makeup portfolios etcs, check out her FACEBOOK..or contact her at :

bb pin @ 260424c2
whatsapp : 089601033310
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