May 22, 2013

Paula's Choice Skin Care -- My 1st Experience

hi lovely readers..

have you ever heard about skin care brand (also makeup and toiletries to be exact) called Paula's Choice?? me.. to be honest, just found out about it few months ago, yet this brand already been in Indonesia since 2007.. doh!!

the products of Paula's Choice only can be purchased online, therefor there's no advertising whatsoever.. so for a person like me who only bought skin cares from drugstore, this brand is far from familiar.. i recognize Paula Begoun though, the founder, because she wrote few fabulous best selling books about products awareness, from makeup to skincare, you named it.. all the lies and harsh truth about brands and how deceptive cosmetics companies are.. damn, we do live in a very scary world..

recently, i can't keep my eye from one of her book "The Beauty Bible".. for me, that book was just like "Da Vinci Code", but in cosmetics ingredients matter.. shocking and shakes my faith?? both of those books did that indeed!!

Paula's Choice Indonesia's staff contacted me few weeks ago and offered me to try their products.. after consulting about my skin type, they offered me their skin care range (the whole set) that suited me best in sachets form (i have very oily-combination skin with huge pores).. at 1st i was hesitate.. i mean how can i feel anything from tiny weeny sachets form?? but then they explain to me that they will send me reasonable amount of sachets so i could try the product for about 10 days, then if everything is fine and no bad reaction or somewhat, they'd send me the full sized ones.. well, if that's the case, i agreed.. ^_^

this is my bare face.. skin condition before using Paula's Choice products..

euhh.. hate my pores..

i manage to finished all the sachets within 2 weeks.. here they are..


what i really-really impressed about all of Paula's Choice products are they don't contain any harmful ingredients such as fragrance, irritants or any harmful chemical that's bad for our skin..

how to use and the ingredients..

if you have the time, please be aware about ingredients listed in every cosmetic products you buy.. i know it's a lil bit pain in the ass and can cause you instant headache (trust me, i happened to me all the time..), but think again.. it's for your heath's sake and long term safety.. nobody could love your body more than yourself, not even doctors, which you paid to care for you.. think about it..

there are so many apps for cosmetic ingredients dictionary.. so there's no reason to be lazy.. ^^

the consistency..
it's so soft on my skin and doesn't leave any stiff and dry feeling on the face, yet it felt so clean and fresh..

FYI, the dryness feeling after you washed your face with drugstore brand face wash it doesn't mean that your face is cleansed.. it actually made from soap residue that still hangin there.. there's misconception about that matter, even me.. gosh..

 after cleansing, next is toning.. with,

it cleansed the extra "dirt" on my face.. it doesn't work properly on heavy makeup though since this is NOT A MAKEUP REMOVER.. but it does a great job at cleansing excess dirt that might be missed when you use the cleanser..
it also refreshes skin and doesn't feel sticky at all..

next is 

i use this as daily skin care.. and since my skin are very oily, i don't have to use moisturizer after.. and my skin feel fine all day.. 

the consistency is gel-like, but it doesn't feel watery at all.. once you put it on your skin, it dissolves into your skin instantly and just stays there.. it absorbs easily yet doesn't leave any sticky feeling whatsoever..
it'll be perfect for my makeup primer for very oily skin though.. YEAHHH!!

at night, after cleansing and toning i use this

this is used as exfoliant, but it doesn't work like harsh medical doctor's recipe that would purge and leave your skin red and stings like hell.. AHA works on skin surface and removes the "bad stuff" little by little, leaving your skin at it's best shape.. for me, after using it for 2 nights, my skin feel extra smooth instantly..

I LOVE THIS PRODUCT.. even Goss MakeupArtist, the youtube guru recommended it.. ^^

GEL-consistency.. no sticky feeling.. yipeekayyeeeee!!

remember though, when you're using any exfoliant products, you need to wear extra sunscreen protection on daily basis since exfoliation do make your skin even more fragile to the sun damage.. so don't be afraid to use any "SAVE" exfoliant products, as long as you wear best sunscreen to protect your skin, you'd be just fine and have a fabulous soft face..

for weekly treatment. i use

i've been using this twice (well, it's a two weeks usage post..) and just love it..

i'm a lil' bit shocked with the black-thick consistency.. i thought it'll be white or transparent like the other SKIN BALANCING range.. but when i see the back that this product contain clay and charcoal, now i know why it's black.. ^_^

anyway clay is well known as the best skin care ingredients for oily skin and could help refine large pores.. even Michelle Phan had this tutorial about make DIY Clay Mask using cat's litter sand or something..

it feels so soft and smooth on my skin, and it cools my skin naturally with no menthol essence feeling.. i really could not describe how does it feels exactly in words.. but it feels so light and smooth.. 

yepp.. just like i've been cleaning chimney my whole life isn't it.. LOL!!

after 10 minutes, the mask dries so softly and as you can see i still manage to smile.. so it doesn't act like normal masks would do.. it does not stiffen your face.. ^^

and after you rinsed it, damn man.. i lost my words.. SMOOTTHHHHHH SKIN EVERRRRRR!!!!

my skin condition after two weeks usage..

as you can see, my pores are still huge and the skin appearance still kinda same as two weeks ago.. but hey this is only skin care, not a magic trick.. as skin needed 28 days to regenerate and all.. but i do feel the difference in how smooth my skin feels.. it's amazing.. and it controlled my oil secretion, so it's not as oily as it used to be..

OK, so.. the conclusion is, i adore Paula's Choice Skin Balancing range.. i'd continued the usage for few months after i received the full sized products and i'll update it to you, my beloved reader.. 

i love the fact that their products contain only the necessary stuff and NO HARMFUL colorants, irritants and useless fragrance.. just like Paula said, fragrance is for your nose, not your skin..

let's hope that this product would be my HG skin care for life.. AMEN!! LOL..

remember, the only person who could love you is you.. so beware about everything that you put on your skin.. do research, educate yourself.. and perfume, fragrance and anything else smelled good on your skin care, don't do anything good on your skin.. just irritate 'em and harmful.. oh yeah sunscreen is important.. do not forget that..

that's it for now.. for their BODY CARE range, CLICK HERE..



  1. Never used the products but after these excellent reviews would like to try out some of the products such as deep cleanser and the moisturizer .

    obagi nu derm starter kit

    Alison Clarke

  2. Hi I'm glad to hear you saw an improvement it looks less irritated I see you were using the aha however I really recommend that you try the 2 % bha liquid or gel I think you could really benefit from either since you mentioned how your pores are still huge trust me I've been using the 2 bha liquid and no longer have the huge pores on my forehead!!! It even got rid of some clogged pores around my nose Also if you read into their website it says bha is best for acne prone skin with clogged pores

    1. Thank you for your tips.
      Sooo true!!! Works like charm on me.. ^_^

  3. I just wonder, where do you buy those product? I have lost the PCI contact since few months ago

    1. Yesss.. it confused me as well
      . Now i order those products via pre order online shop.. ^_^ hope it helps..