May 22, 2013

Paula's Choice BODY CARE PRODUCTS.. i think I'M IN LOVEEE!!

helloww again..

this is the second part of my Paula's Choice 1st experience blog, the Body Care range.. i have a very oily-combination face but ultimately dry body skin.. i hate sticky feeling anywhere near my body so i tend to get lazy in terms of BODY LOTION/BUTTER and so on..

at Paula's Choice event at PX Puri back then, i won their full sized body lotion and been using it ever since..


 this product is MAGICAL..

what i mean by magical is this lotion absorbed into my skin so easily, no sticky feeling and gave smooth silky finish as promised.. 

and guess what, it really really sits on your skin and absorbed.. i uses this twice a day.. after bath and right before sleep at night.. 

in the morning i did a scratch test on my hands and feet when it used to give me "dry skin sign" (dead skin).. after using this product for a week, the dry scratch sign is GONE!! you can also give it a shot.. result is AMAZING!!!

a little goes a long way.. i only use a very small amount on my whole body.. so it's worth the price..


too bad i didn't get this in full size as well.. ;P
since it's another MAGIC thing..

this product contain 10% AHA.. like i said in previous post, AHA is use for skin exfoliation but they did it nicely, not roughly.. i use it on my lower legs since it really-really dry and snake skin like.. sobbed!!
and after few days, my lower legs are smooth and no longer dried.. the snake skin pattern is also reduced and i'm happy about it.. even my husband and my parents confused that i use body lotion now.. that described how i hated 'em before i found this wonderful product.. no sticky feeling..



did you ever found body butter that has consistency like a real non-fat butter?? this is it..

oh mann.. i'm not even payed for this blog post and yet i keep on saying good thing about Paula's Choice products.. esp. their body lotions and body butter.. LOL!!

as recommended by Paula's Choice Indonesia's staff, i uses this every night on my foot and in between toes etc then i use socks.. the next day, smooth heels are yours baby..

i used to use body butter with fragrances like shea butter, strawberry etc then use socks as well.. next day my foot would be all itchy and red.. so it's a good thing Paula's Choice products doesn't contain any of those useless thing as fragrance and irritants..

i dare to say that those 3 products from above are my HG body care product from now on.. ohh thanks a lot universe for introducing me to them.. AMEN!! LOL..

ok enough hysteria.. this is it for now.. PEACE OUTT!! LOVE YAAA..



  1. Wow!
    These product is really nice. We are interested for this skin body lotion. Many many people skin are dry then it also well.

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