April 13, 2013

PAC Personal Makeup Lesson -- Wedding Romance Week 2013

helloww my dear readers..

on 4th April 2013, PAC-Martha Tilaar, a professional makeup brand from Indonesia, invited me to their Personal Makeup Lesson and introduction of PAC Liquid Eyeliner Color.. i was so excited because even though i am such a makeup junkie, i almost never been on any "professional" makeup class before.. and PAC is one of the best local brand here that I LOVE, so you could never imagine how excited i was back then.. ^_^

the lesson was held on main atrium east mall Grand Indonesia.. this event is actually part of the Bella Donna Wedding Romance Week "East meet West", the huge wedding exhibition, with Martha Tilaar Group as one of their main sponsor..

so here's the pictures..

PAC's booth..
during the event there were 15% discount of all products.. yipee!!
but too bad, face painting wasn't included.. (as always).. :'(

PAC Beauty Map.. 
we used this as our makeup tools during the lesson..

well, at first, i thought PAC gave this to all the participants, but i was wrong.. they just lend it to us.. another sobbed moment.. LOL!!

creepy face.. ^_^

and the class begun..
we started by cleaning our face first.. then makeup base, and so on.. you know the drill..

all the participants (including me) were taking this class very seriously and full of enthusiastic.. haha..
today's lesson was held specially for all media guests..

i was the only blogger there..

Cam-Whore personality..

 and heloowww sistaa, i'm not the only one indeed.. even the host was striking a post as well..
ahh how i love hangin' with girls and bunch of makeups.. ^_^


here's my makeup look using all PAC makeup..
i LOVE the result.. they even taught me how to contour my nose, which is so hard for me to do.. and how to draw a proper eye-brow.. yeahhh!!

the eye look..

i was using dark brown matte eyeshadow and top it of with gold pearly eyeshadow (SWATCHES HERE).. and for the fun liner i'm using PAC Liquid Eyeliner Color in silver.. gawddd, love the look.. felt like a superstar already.. :P
oww and i used PAC black mascara.. you see how dramatic my lashes looked??

Group Photo..

me at PAC booth.. Narcism to the max, although i was extremely tired at the moment..

 heyy look!! i got this from PAC's FACEBOOK PAGE..

this was me having a serious conversation with the one and only DR. Martha Tilaar.. i was talking about how i love PAC products and some suggestions to make PAC a more successful brand in the future.. and guess what, she actually listened to me and took my suggestions seriously and even asked her employees to wrote down everything i said..

i'd let you know if someday my suggestions are really come true.. it'll be a blast to all of us, makeup junkie.. SERIOUSLY.. ^_^

i love her even more.. that was just like a scene from "Undercover Boss".. LOL!!

the goody bag from PAC and Bella Donna..

 i thought this was a brochure.. when i opened it...

tadaaaa.. it's a PAC's lipstick mini palette.. it's so unique.. LOVE IT!! ^_^

the most exciting thing was, i got this liquid eyeliner color.. yeayyy!! so happy..
thanks PAC..

got this in Baby Blue..
it's a waterproof and rub-proof product.. CLICK HERE to know more..

my PAC haul.. the eyeshadow.. i've been their eyeshadow's fan since FOREVER.. the black is an ultimate for me.. it's to die for..

OK.. so that's it for me now.. hope you enjoy my post and loving local brand even more..

see yaa on the next post..


PS : another pic of my eye makeup..
( i love it too much i cannot delete it )..

ok2.. enough.. haha.. BYEEEE!!!


  1. Liquid linernya tempting bener warna biru... eh ce dirimu semakin bersinar dehhh, makin cakeppp ... xD hohohoho

    1. itu efek kamera gab.. uhukk uhukk.. ^_^ tapi keren emang eyeliner nyaaa.. pengen punya semuaaa.. hiks..