April 06, 2013

PAC Martha Tilaar Products I Cannot Live Without..

Dear my Lovely readers..

hari ini ak mau share tentang produk-produk brand lokal asli negeri sendiri yaitu Indonesia tercinta yang have the BEST QUALITY yang bisa banget di compare sama brand-brand luar negeri yang harganya ehemm ehemm.. you know what i mean, right??

sebagai makeup junkie especially eye-makeup, ak sudah mencoba banyak sekali produk eyeshadow, eyebrow etc dari berbagai brand.. dan from all of those, PAC is one of my best recommendation.. trust me, it works.. (mencuri tag line susu yaaa.. hihi..)

so here we go..

PAC eyeshadows MUST HAVES!!

Top (L-R)
  • Black (P 04)
  • Gold (i forgot the code)

Bottom (L-R)
  • White (M 04)
  • Soft Pink (P 10)

 with flash..


with flash..

you see how pigmented those eyeshadow are.. i'd die..
i'm a huge smokey eye fan, so a BLACK EYESHADOW is a must and I CANNOT LIVE WITHOUT THIS BLACK SHADOW FROM PAC..

Long Live PAC!! ^_^

recently i just repurchase the black eyeshadow (ehemmm..) and tried another bright blue color i just adore..

the refill costs IDR 64.200..
for the pigmentation, it's totally worth every penny..

(well, sorry banget foto swatch untuk blue eyeshadow nya keapus.. sobbed!! but i promise you, i'd do the makeup look with it soon..) ^_^

to check their refills, go to http://www.pacbeauty.com..

 Angel Eyes..

 this costs about IDR 120K- ish and have a very pigmented and color pay offs..
ak sudah pernah me-review dan swatch eyeshadow ini.. so check them HERE..

warnanya yang neutral sekaligus their micro-shimmer effect keren baanget dipakai untuk pesta or acara-acara resmi.. kalau ga percaya check my older blog post atau kalau mampir ke Martha Tilaar shop colek-colek sendiri.. pasti ter nga-nga.. LOL!

Another PAC product i cannot live without is.... EYEBROW PENCIL..

the consistency is not to soft and not too hard.. so easy to blend and buat ak yang jujur aja ga jago-jago amat pake eyebrow pencil, i found this product is pretty easy for me..

for more info about the prices and all bisa langsung ke toko-toko Martha Tilaar ya, secara cabangnya banyak banget, even di Singapore aja ada.. atau ke online shop nya :


ok, that's it for me know.. love your local brand and love INDONESIA!!! ^_^

peace.. xoxo!!

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